23 Yr Old Nigerian Female Zainab Oladehinde narrates how she was almost raped in a hotel room I’m Zanzibar

23 Yr Old Nigerian Female Zainab Oladehinde narrates how she was almost raped in a hotel room I’m Zanzibar

Young female narrates how she was almost raped in a hotel room I’m Zanzibar on her 23rd birthday

23 Yr Old Nigerian Female Zainab Oladehinde narrates how she was almost raped in a hotel room I’m Zanzibar

Zainab Oladehinde took to Twitter yesterday to tell the world about how she was sexually attacked in her room at the Warere Beach Hotel by a security guard, and how the police refused to aid her.

According to the Nigerian woman, she traveled to the country to celebrate her 23rd birthday in April 2021, but the trip turned into a trip to hell when she awoke to find a man in her bed.




“I started to feel my hands stroking someone’s penis. At this moment, I opened my eyes to confirm if It was actually a dream or I was in real danger. Low and behold, it wasn’t a dream. There was a naked man lying on my bed and touching me at 2am in my hotel room ! He started calling me “baby” and then I became scared cause the room was dark as I had switched off the lights before I went to bed. Now, I was extremely scared. I asked the man “who are you?” But all he kept saying was “baby, baby” . I asked in a louder tone this time around cause I was getting angry and then he quickly stuffed his hands over my mouth in an attempt to stop me from shouting.”

And the nightmare began. She wept, begged him; he tried to strangle her when she refused him, and she resorted to saying she had HIV, which was the only word that broke through. She convinced him to go get a condom and he left with a promise to return.

“Immediately he left, I switched on the light, tried to call hotel reception but to my surprise, there was no intercom or phone lines to reach the hotel reception through the he room.”

Zainab ran out of the room, and eventually found help from the Russians she made friends with. In the morning, she realised he stole her money.

“Almost immediately, I remembered the Russian couple I had spent some time with the day before and I could go to their room to seek refuge. I hoped their room wouldn’t be locked so in case I get noticed, I would be able to call for help before anything happens to me.

“Fortunately for me, the room was opened and I ran inside. They woke up almost immediately and I told the guy, Alex, how I was strangled and almost got raped in my room. He advised that I stay in his room till we sort out the issue by day break. I called my friend to tell him I was in another room where I felt safe and he told me had called the hotel owner. This was around 4am in the morning.


On returning to her room in the morning, she discovered that the $1,100 she was intending to spend during her stay had disappeared from where she kept it. Someone had entered her room and looted it after she fled.

She then decided to visit Nungwi police station, the station closest to the hotel, to lodge a complaint.

According to her, the officers she met at the station questioned her repeatedly and after a while, asked to write a statement. Afterwards, she was advised to go to visit a nearby hospital for medical examination.

As a result of the poor treatment she was subjected to by the police officers, Zainab decided to take a photograph of the police station. The police officers were unhappy about this development and a senior officer demanded that she deleted the photos before she could visit the hospital for her test.


She also pointed out that the police officers spoke in Swahili most of the time, including when she was questioned. Zainab knew it was a deliberate attempt to continue to keep her in the dark over the investigation they ought to conduct.

She however continued to take photographs and refused to delete them until the policemen eventually allowed her to visit the hospital.

At the hospital, it was confirmed that Zainab was not raped. The medical officers that attended to her also said they could not ascertain if she was assaulted.



With this, the police officers dismissed her case and insisted that she was being dishonest. They also concluded that she was never assaulted at the hotel.

Warere Beach hotel has since closed off its comment section on Instagram to prevent Zainab from complaining about her ordeal. The owner of the hotel and the hotel manager have also insisted that Zainab lied about her experience.