Zandie Khumalo Talks About The Birth Of Her First Child.

Zandie Khumalo Talks About The Birth Of Her First Child.

Singer and songwriter Zandie Khumalo-Gumede eventually opened up about her baby bump through an Instagram post on her page.

She didn’t tell anyone about her pregnancy until a few weeks before she was supposed to give birth.

“A journey that is exciting and very scary at the same time but worth it, I wanna thank God for lesibusiso esisendleleni (the blessing that is on the way). I’m eight months in today and I can’t believe it’s almost time. We can’t wait to meet u Zenala ka mama [sic],” she wrote at the time

Time passed, and she and her businessman husband Hloni ‘Mhlo’ Gumede welcomed their baby boy, Zenala, on September 21, 2021.

Zandie tells Drum that she has been looking forward to parenthood and is excited about the new adventure.

“We have always wanted a family of our own when the time was right, and this could not have happened at a better time,” she says.

She and Mhlo chose the name Zenala which means ‘days of abundance’.

“We both chose the name because we wanted something unique but meaningful and spiritual,” Zandi says.

The name Zenala is also the title of her seven-track EP which she released last month.

“Since knowing that I was expecting, I have had so many blessings. My single Ngijabule Kabi went gold, and we are gunning for platinum. My son has just come with such abundance, which is why we chose that name for him,” she explains.

Despite the fact that she is a first-time mother, she has gained a lot of experience by assisting her sister Kelly Khumalo in raising her two children, Christian and Thingo.

“I’ve helped to raise my sister’s kids as well and I understand motherhood. Now, it’s a matter of balancing my career, marriage, and motherhood.”

Zandie is planning on taking the whole month of November off to focus on her new bundle of joy.

“I’ve moved all my bookings so I can have good quality time with my baby. But after November it is back to work and balancing work and home.”

Sharing the joy of being a father, Mhlo says “being a father is a blessing.”

“Being a dad teaches one responsibility and appreciation for the smallest of things.” he says.

After dating for a year, Zandie and Mhlo married in a traditional ceremony in Umzinto, Kwazulu-Natal, in 2016. They intend to expand their family in the future.

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