Zanele Mbokazi accused of scam again

Zanele Mbokazi accused of scam again

Zanele Mbokazi accused of scam again
Zanele Mbokazi accused of scam again

The founder of the Crown Gospel Awards Zanele Mbokazi-Nkambule has been embroiled in another scam allegations. Her video made rounds on social media where she is talking about the purpose of Pathways Institutes. According to Isolezwe, Zanele is one of the Directors of the school.

In the video, she highlights what the school offers which includes short courses in bricklaying, agriculture, and many more. She also shares that the registration fee is R2500.

Fans and other celebrities have since reacted to the video calling Zanele out for a scam. However, others still have faith in the businesswomen. Shamiso Hlatswayo responded, “I don’t think this one, in particular, is a scam. She saw a need and provided a solution. I hope the young people who enroll are given the skills needed to be self sufficient.

Here are some of the comments from twitter

“🤦🏾‍♂️ why is Zanele Mbokazi scamming people now?

No way a company or people can just give you R10k everyday for free nje. Even shares in a company fluctuate in value.

So Lana you register on a company in Dubai (red flag) and you supposedly just receive money randomly nje! 🤔”

“The first group that joined will benefit and the last ones won’t. That’s how pyramid schemes are, they will collapse.”

“Ngaze nfa ngayikholwa into we Jehova, plus I thought uzothi “angwaqambi amanga ngoba nguwumtwana ka Nkulunkulu” kanti uzothi “ngoba I’m a business woman” hayi shame I know a scam when I see one”

“Good thing she is known, and this people will know who scammed them. Bo Zanele ba brave with people’s money and hopes.”

“Lol just admit you want to work hard. It’s okay. You want specific details of where the money comes from. The sad truth is that those who get money from this whether YOU believe it or not, they will still have money.”

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