Zenande Mfenyana Heartbroken After Being Dumped By Lover.


Zenande Mfenyana Heartbroken After Being Dumped By Lover.Zenande Mfenyana Heartbroken After Being Dumped

New mother Zenande Mfenyana heartbroken. This comes after the actress shared her heartbreak story with mzansi on social media. The actress, who recently gave birth to a baby girl, has been understandably off the public eye and is yet to share photos of her child. However, her recent love and heartbreak has forced her to take to social media and vent off.

Zenande Mfenyana recently shared that her heart was feeling sore after a friend dumped her. The actress said that she experienced unrequited love for the first time when some she thought was close to her, proved that they were anything but. Taking to Twitter to share her pain, Zenande said “Unrequited love happens even in friendships kanti? It’s my first time experiencing heartbreak over a friend Broken heart I guess I must take my L in peace and let her be…”

Although she did not offer too much detail, many social media users were able to relate to her story. Twitter user


boitumelolutha1 said: “Did you talk to her about it? I noticed friends don’t communicate. They just assume stuff and cut off.”

Felicit12807828 said: “I experienced it early this year. It was painful I won’t lie, but we eventually spoke and she apologized for not communicating, not reaching out or showing that she cares. I did all that but it was one sided. I accepted her apology but we NO LONGER FRIENDS.”

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flow_k7 said: “I lost a friend, we didn’t fight, I felt like I was the one communicating with him so I decided to stop communicating with him and that was the end of our friendship…he’s focusing too much on politics and I hate politics”

Gabzz03059022 said: “Mine just ghosted me back when we were in high school then few years later we were good now in 2017 she did it again I reached out she blue ticked me when I asked what I did wrong. Eventually I couldn’t see her on WhatsApp, she either blocked me or deleted my number.”

On Twitter, Zenande shared that she didn’t know that she was so good at multitasking until she had her bundle of joy. She also said that she wasn’t getting much sleep but she is enjoying every moment. “I also didn’t know that I can do so many things with one hand, and don’t get me started on being fully functional on such little sleep. Amazing. Being a mother is magical,” she shared on the social media platform. Zenande revealed that she was expecting some time ago and shared some moments from her pregnancy. She also shared stunning pictures from her maternity shoot. Shortly afterwards, she gave birth to a baby girl. Some fans were trolling her about the changes she was experiencing on her body from pregnancy and this caused her to start sharing a lot less.

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