Zimbabwean Maid Goes Viral After Stealing R500k In South Africa

Zimbabwean Maid Goes Viral After Stealing  R500k In South Africa

Zimbabwean Maid Goes Viral After Stealing r 500 000 In South Africa

A Zimbabwean lady who was working as a maid in South Africa has left a lot people around the world shocked after trending online for stealing cash and valuables worth R500 000

Malvin, her brother, is said to have been involved in the robbery and to have assisted her in escaping to wherever she went. The Mutoko native, 35, is claimed to have been hired by people who treated her like family, and she has made it impossible for other Zimbabweans to find work anywhere in the world in the future.

Some people online have been giving her tips on how to use her new found fortune just like they see on television in movies , the likes of new identity , lying low and chop the money.

Her boss is offering R20k for information that will lead to her

“Jackie hi,Can you please help me recover our goods and valuables that were stolen by our houselp.

Faina was my househelp and she

stole R500k and jewelery. Last nite,Many valuables are still missing as we speak ,Faina our house help ran off with his brother after stealing,Faina has a daughter called Shalom Paida Muteve.I have attached their identities below …

DJ Zinhle Finally Addresses The Blunder At Anele's Memorial


Please Share and help us recover our money, Those who know her please convince her to return our stuff,Faina we loved you and took you in like a family member is this how you want to pay us back after all we have done to you and your family.

We are offering a reward of R20k

Anyone will information please contact Jackie.”


Here are mixed reactions from social media users

“Very sad but I have questions :

1. Why was R500k being stashed in the house

2. How did she gain access to it , kasi it wasn’t secured ?

Mari yacho yakawandisa kani ! Faina if you’re seeing this post . Enda unodzorera mari yevaridzi . Unoita munyama nazvo izvi !”

“We want both sides of the story something is fishy here”

“Stop tarnishing people’s names…… I dont know why people post these things without evidence.”


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