Zodwa Wabantu Accused Of Being A Predator

Zodwa Wabantu Accused Of Being A Predator

Zodwa Wabantu Accused Of Being A Predator
Zodwa Wabantu Accused Of Being A Predator

There is no rejecting that Zodwa has never been an amateur where discussion is concerned. Consistently, we have seen the extraordinary artist doing the unimaginable and this time, somebody has chosen to call her out on her.

Taking to Twitter, a tweep has taken to blame Zodwa and choreographer Somgaga for supposedly being hunters, saying that their casualties end up being little fellows. They additionally went on to say that the explanation nobody at any point needs to discuss these two being hunters is on the grounds that Somgaga is gay and Zodwa is a lady.

The tweet obviously has drawn in a remarkable responses with many separated regarding whether or not these charges are valid.

Zodwa, who has been known for dating more youthful men than her, has never truly been conciliatory with regards to this reality, thus many stay pondering, is that truly what makes her a hunter?

Taking to the remark segment, it appears to be many are not excessively content with the tweet. Some are of the conviction that the young men that Zodwa and Somizi are said to go after are not defenseless and that they have consistently had the ability to deny anything that they are not happy with.

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Tweeps have likewise gone on to add that it would be inappropriate to pass judgment on Zodwa and Somgaga, saying that nobody was at any point compelled to date them and that it is absolutely impossible that a 20 year old ought to be known as a young man besides. What is your take?

And keeping in mind that many are emphatically contradicting Zodwa and Somizi being ‘hunters’, there are the individuals who actually appear to concur and are of the conviction that the two superstars are off the mark and that they should quit taking advantage of youngsters.

Discussing exhibitions, only a few days ago, Zodwa stood out as truly newsworthy after she made a flake-out in Botswana after the coordinators of the occasion reported that Zodwa would not be featuring the show as had been before arranged.

Obviously, it was accounted for that the justification for this was that a warrant had been given for her capture observing her infringement of the laws of Botswana and Mankind Morals.



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