Zodwa Wabuntu Announces She Is Now A Born Again Christian, a Church Choir Member and Chicken Farmer

As the country goes into level 5 total lockdown with the entertainment scene and nightclubs remaining the most hit, celebrities are finding alternative means to make ends meet.

Raunchy socialite and business lady Zodwa Wabuntu shocked the internet after she made her 2021 resolutions known to the public.

Wabuntu announced that the lockdown had affected her financially and was turning a new leaf in her life to cope with the current Covid-19 situation.

The Socialite announced that she was venturing into other businesses just to keep her bag full. Those businesses included raring of live chicken and selling of chicken eggs as a supplier.

She also added that she will no longer be entertaining her Million of followers with her trademark dances but would be selling eggs and Chicken from her tour bus.

Word round is the dancer has also found christ and has devoted her life to serving as a choir member. Whether this is true or not, Afro Mambo will be getting to the bottom of this soon.

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