Zoe Mthiyane Hits Back At Lebo M’s Wife


Zoe Mthiyane Hits Back At Lebo M's Wife

Zoe Mthiyane Hits Back At Lebo M’s Wife.

The actress Zoe Mthiyane does not like when her daughter’s name is brought up in pointless arguments. The Citizen reports that Zoe urges Pretty Samuels-Morake to be skeptical of anything her husband Lebohang “Lebo M” Morake tells her.


It all began when the former Generations: The Legacy actress claimed in an interview with Sunday World that Lebo M is harder to co-parent with than her second baby daddy, Robert Marawa.

Pretty Samuel’s-Morake, Lebo M’s wife, attacked Zoe after her interview and suggested that she is a neglectful mother.

She claimed that because of the drunk driving incident, in which her ex-fiance, Lebo, was awarded custody of their daughter, they now live with her 7-year-old daughter.

Zoe Mthiyane Hits Back At Lebo M's Wife.
Lebo M and his wife Pretty Samuels Photo/Instagram

“I would like to categorically state that we have no co-parenting plan with Zoe Mthiyane,” Pretty said in part.

Speaking to The Citizen, Zoe attacked Pretty Samuels and cautioned the reporter not to take Lebo at her word on anything.

“This is a sensitive topic involving my minor child. I would like to caution the current wife against believing and acting upon the false narratives that her husband has created about myself and others as a means to continue the abuse I escaped seven years ago,” the public quoted the actress.
Zoe told Sunday World that it’s impossible to co-parent with Lebo.
“Parenting with Lebo is impossible. We had to find ways to cope with that fact. However, I am lucky to have had intensive therapy, valuable advice, and support to lean on. I practice gentle parenting as I learned early on that each child is born with their personality.”


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Pretty in a statement said Zoe is a liar, “In my efforts to maintain the dignity of my family, but most importantly to protect the wellbeing of our kids, I have chosen to remain silent. But given the severity and nature of these allegations, I can no longer remain silent whilst my children are attacked and associated with such defamatory statements in the media,” reacted Pretty as quoted by The South African
“After the tragic accident, the courts gave my husband custody of the child and ordered  Mthiyane to undergo rehabilitation and therapy so that she may one day be considered a fit mother. Our daughter has been in my husband’s care for the past few years and her primary residence is with us,” she concluded.
In the same interview , Zoe said co-parenting with ex-boyfriend, sports commentator Robert Marawa was good because of the respectful co-parenting relationship they have which was made possible by the help of their loved ones.
“I would describe parenting with Robert as respectful. Our families and close friends have played a major role in creating and maintaining a safety net around our son, and for that, I will forever be grateful. He is lucky, ” Zoe told the publication.

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