10 Surprising Uses Of Silica Gel Packets

Discover surprising uses of silica gel packets beyond moisture absorption. Learn how to extend the lifespan of razor blades, prevent silverware tarnish, protect important documents, keep food items fresh, prevent condensation in electronic devices, and more. Find out the benefits of using silica gel packets and how they can help preserve the quality and longevity of your belongings.

10 Surprising Uses Of Silica Gel Packets
10 Surprising Uses Of Silica Gel Packets

Don’t throw away those bags that are in the packaging of shoes or clothes, they are really useful at home. Let’s look at why.

The possible uses of these sachets are diverse. Silica gel bags are used to absorb moisture and keep items dry. They are welcomed with many things: new shoes, medicine, and bags.

But instead of throwing them in the trash, save them so you can reuse them for the purposes they were intended for.

10 Surprising Uses Of Silica Gel Packets

Keep them in your camera bag or wherever you keep your technology. They are great for keeping moisture out of electronic devices and preventing mold and mildew in camera lenses.

The possible uses of these sachets are diverse. Silica gel bags are used to absorb moisture and keep items dry. They come with many things: new shoes, medicines, bags.

Save them for those times when your phone gets wet. If it is a light spill, clean it and place it in a sealed bag with the gel sachets to dry. If your phone falls into water, do the same with lots of silica gel packets and leave it for a few days. You can add rice to the pack to increase absorption. Don’t try to turn on your phone until a few days have passed.

If you have a bunch of old photos stored in boxes, put the gel packs inside. It helps keep moisture at bay, which causes prints to stick, discolor and deteriorate. You can also keep them in the back of the bookshelves where you have photo albums for the same purpose.

Keep Mold And Moisture Away

  • They are perfect for keeping away musty smells . Place them in the back of the towel closet or in containers with blankets or clothing.
  • They also work with old books – if you have a favorite that has developed an odor, put both in a sealable bag and see what happens.
  • Place them at the bottom of your filing cabinets to protect their contents. With this addition, things like birth certificates and other important documents are safe.

Also Very Useful In The Garden!

  • Gardeners will also find that they can be beneficial. When harvesting seeds, store them with gel bags to prevent them from molding before planting.
  • If you’re making your own dried flowers or drying the petals, gel packs will help speed up the drying process. In addition, they help the flowers retain their original color and shape.
  • If you store them with your silver jewelry, they will help prevent tarnishing. The same applies to the needles in the sewing box and similar items.
  • Hearing aids can be damp from sweat, so you can dry them with these gel bags. First remove the batteries. If you are not using gel packs, store them in a sealable bag. After some time of use, if they are doing their job properly, they will fill with moisture and stop working. You can make them last longer by putting them in the oven at 200 degrees for about two hours.

Keeping A Wet Cellphone Dry

  • Silica is the best way to suck the moisture out of a wet phone. Just dab the excess water with the help of a soft cloth and separate the battery.
  • Keep the phone and battery inside a zip-lock pack and slide a silicon gel packet inside. Leave it overnight and switch it on next morning.

Maintaining Razor Blades

Store all your shaving blades in a jar and put a silicon gel packet in it. You will be surprised to know that the blades will never get tarnished and will be available for use for a long time.

Preventing Your Silverware From Getting Tarnished

Due to the presence of moisture in environment, silverware easily gets tarnished. You can easily prevent this by using these tiny silicon gel packs.

Keep Your Coffee Jar Moist-Free

This is the most common issue that we face in our daily life. Our favourite coffee jar captures moisture from the environment every time we open it for use and jams the coffee powder making it useless. But we have a magic trick to follow. Stick a silicon gel pack inside the cap. It will absorb the moisture from the coffee and keep the powder free-flowing.

Protects Your Leather Shoes From Moisture

Moisture damages leather badly and which is the reason we get those tiny packets inside the shoe box when we buy it. Silicon packs keep the moisture at bay maintaining the leather for a long time.

Prevent Your Car Windshield From Moisture Jam

A common issue during rainy and winter season, fog on car windshield is only because of the moisture present inside the car. Get rid of this issue by placing a couple of silicon gel packs on the dashboad closer to the windshield and witness the magic.

Reduce Smell From Your Gym Bag

Gym bag stores your sweaty towels, shoes and socks and the smell seeps in the bag for long. Manage this problem by placing a couple of silicon packets inside the bag which will suck all the moisture created by sweat and the smell too.

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