Actor Carlo Radebe Grateful to Fans Who Helped Him financially

Actor Carlo Radebe Grateful to Fans Who Helped Him Financially: “I Am Looking Forward to Getting Back on Set”

The former Generations star Carlo Radebe expressed his gratitude to all his fans who have helped him on social media recently.

Carlo Radebe thanked everyone that has helped him get back on his feet
Actor Radebe can’t wait to get back on set and start shooting. Image: @zimoja, @thecitizen Source: UGC

This was after the star was reported to be facing financial struggles by his friend Mauritz Neethling on Facebook
The star released an appreciation post to all his fans and followers on his Facebook page


Actor Carlo Radebe grateful to everyone that helped him

Our favorite childhood South African actor, Carlo Radebe, who has been trending on social media following the reports that he was struggling to make ends meet, has finally seen light at the end of the tunnel.

The former Backstage actor and voice-over artist Carlo has made headlines once again as he expressed his sincere gratitude to his fans and followers who have helped him recently in getting him a job in the entertainment industry after his friend Mauritz Neethling reported on Facebook that he has been struggling and got evicted from his place and has been living off the R350 grant.

“Greetings to you. What you have shown me over several days since the release of my statement by my friend Mauritz Neethling, rallied by his devotion to my well-being, has no words…I thank you kindly, too, for your dedication to perpetually paying it forward. Please continue. I, too, have consistently held that prayer to work reliably & do good…I am looking forward to getting back on set & shooting. By God’s Grace, all will be well…I Thank all the shoutouts & specific individuals who have galvanized on their platforms. I owe u nothing.Humbling.Thank you again. May life be also more accessible for you! Ta!

“Evicted from his former residence, he is currently residing in the back of a remote smallholding outside Joburg. Relying on a government grant of only R350 per month, you can understand that this is no way to afford him the means to get himself out there and back on casting agents radar and to let him send video audition clips let alone to feed himself or even take phone calls or have data to send or receive emails.”

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The post by Neethling included Radebe’s banking details, for his fans to deposit funds into.

“I am looking forward to getting back on set and shooting. By God’s Grace all will be well. I thank all the shoutouts and certain individuals who have galvanised on their platforms. I owe you nothing. Humbling. I thank you again,” said Radebe over the weekend.

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