Check Out 10 Reasons Why You’re Still Broke And How To Fix

If you are still wondering the reason why you are still broke. Check Out 10 Reasons You’re Still Broke And How To Fix It.

10 Reasons Why You're Still Broke
Check Out 10 Reasons Why You’re Still Broke And How To Fix

Ultimately, if you’re broke, you spend more than you earn. That comes through financing, credit cards, and other creative ways. People come up with new ways to go broke every day. Stop spending more than you earn and you will stop being broke Why you\’re still broke is the big question you should sit down and ask yourself. To be broke isn’t a thing to clutch, you may battle it or it battles you. 75% of inhabitants today believe money comes easily. Money comes, money goes it all depends on you and your mindset. How and what you do to make it stay close always, and never disappear all lies hidden in you.

A great many people are accumulating what they think is vast wealth but it is only money.  

Being broke is temporary, being poor can become permanent if not properly handle

  You have buckled down, getting your various degrees, exploring workspace, and building your image to be destitute. \”Being broke\” however, appears to be a repetitive topic among individuals of the same color. Who, in every way that matters, except for their money-related lives, encapsulate insight, reformist reasoning, genius, and control.

Yet, to carry on with a full life, you need to initially pick up understanding into why you are still broke.

They are endless reasons individuals make for why don\’t have enough money. You have likely heard them all in your life, and you\’ve presumably said a great deal of them yourself. And also these reasons are frequently the reasons you\’re still broke.

Money is a simple thing. It\’s either you procure it by working, you spend it on stuff, anything that is left goes into your bank account/ savings box/ contributing records/ under the mattress.

Difference Between Broke And Poor

There is a difference between broke and poor. Poor means you don\’t make enough to cover the entirety of your necessities. Broke means you can cover the fundamentals yet never have enough cash to save or pay down checks. If the latter describes you, here are a few reasons why you are broke. Stop wondering why am I broke and begin fixing the issues before they make you poor.

 10 Reasons Why You’Re Still Broke

Ever wondered why you’re still broke, even though you have a job and a salary? Keep reading!

1.You Don’T Have Savings.

You have a bank account, but it’s always empty! It will remain empty if you don’t care to set aside money from your salary each month. We all know that everyone’s financial situation is different, that’s why we are the only one who knows what will be our savings rate. Honestly, I didn’t have any savings before, because I thought I didn’t earn enough, but I was TOTALLY WRONG! It’s not how much money you earn, it is how you spend it. Saving a little is better than saving nothing. It helps you weather a storm instead of charging your card.

2.You Don’T Have A Financial Plan Or A Budget.

Having a good financial plan or a budget is really, really important if you want to achieve financial independence. You should keep track of your income and expenses. There is a lot of budgeting software that you can use, you can also download some apps on your mobile so that you can easily view your accounts every day. You need to define your spending and priorities. Try to live within your means and watch out for small leak expenses that do add up.

3.You’re Not Side Hustling

Side hustling nowadays is the new normal! There are lots of side hustle ideas that you can make extra money with. Especially now that summer is just around the corner, why don’t you take a look at these side hustle ideas and start earning some extra money.

4.You Always Treat Your Friends.

Do you usually pay for your friends every time you go out with them? If so, you are definitely in trouble! If you have a friend who always asks you to go out to eat, but refuses to pay his part, something is not right. You are spending more money on treating your friends; you need to clear it with them that you’re not an ATM. When I go out with my friends, we always pay what we ordered. Bear in mind, if they’re really your true friends, they will not allow you to pay every time you go out.

5.You’Re Deeply In Debt

Do you have lot of debt? What if you lose your job tomorrow or your company declares bankruptcy? Are you ready for that scenario? How would you still pay your debts? And the worst part is if you need a loan to pay for your existing loans. You need to get rid of your debt slowly, living a debt free life is priceless! Try to contact your creditors and negotiate with them. You need to review your debt and find out how much money you owe. It’s important that you have a good strategy plan to reduce your debt.

6.Yolo (You Only Live Once)

Did you hear or read about this YOLO thing and similar carpe diem mantras? Are you a happy go lucky kind of person because You Only Live Once? This YOLO mentality has really influenced the lifestyle choices of millenials. You need to be fully responsible especially if you already have a family of your own. There are lot of ways that you can enjoy life without spending money. You Only Live Once and you don’t want to give yourself a hard time paying debts, don’t you?

7.You Buy Gadgets You Can’T Afford

iPhone 6s plus and other iThings, you have them all. I understand, who wouldn’t want to own a beautiful gadget? But before you decided to buy it, you should ask yourself first if you really need it. Know the difference between wants and needs. I have had my Samsung S3 for 3 years now and the power button is broken. I really wanted to buy a Samsung S6 edge or a Note 5, but it’s very expensive. I can buy an older phone like S5 or S4, which is cheaper. Realize that your phone company still charges you for the “free” phone through a very expensive data plan.

8.You Live Paycheck To Paycheck.

Are you still living paycheck to paycheck and struggling financially? Paycheck-to-paycheck living happens when you are constantly waiting for your next salary before you make basic financial moves, like buying food, paying your monthly bills and loans. You don’t even have enough money for unexpected expenses. You need to make a good financial budget. Review your lifestyle and see where the money goes every month so you can correct.

9.After You Received Your Salary You Go Directly To A Party.

This one is connected to number 6, the YOLO thing! After waiting for 15 or 30 days for your salary, you immediately go to a party and spend tons of money on drinks. It’s not wrong to party and enjoy your friends, but within reason of course. If you don’t want to be broke anymore, you need to be financially responsible. If you have a family that depends on your income, blowing your cash on nightlife is not the way to go.

10.You Try To Keep Up With The Joneses

  • What is Keeping up with the Joneses? It is an American expression that actually was coined in 1913 with a comic strip by Arthur R. “Pop” Momand and now it refers to a person who always buy things because his/her friends have it.
  • We keep on comparing ourselves to our nearest neighbors or friends– probably the ones who look just a little bit wealthier than we do. Social media is one of the leading reasons why you’re still broke because of this attitude.
  • When you are browsing your Facebook and you find out that your friend got the latest iPhone, you also want to get that new mobile and make an impulse buy even if you just bought your phone recently.
  • You noticed that your colleague has a new shiny car and even if you know that you don’t have enough savings, you still apply for a loan car for a brand new car!

Other 10 Reasons Why You’Re Still Broke


1. You’re Hardly Working.

The next time somebody asks you \”are you working hard or barely working? \” don\’t simply dismiss the inquiry. Truth be told, the appropriate responses may genuinely be that you are not working – and you\’re all the less fortunate for it.

To excel, and prevent being broke. Don\’t simply accomplish your work – do it well, try not to stop there. Ensure your bosses know about your new achievements by reporting the worth you bring to the business. Be it through new clients you landed or extends you finished under the financial plan.

As your triumph heap up, approach your supervisor for a raise or advancement. Since odds are, you won\’t get either except if you put forth a defense for yourself.

2. You love Sleep A Lot.


if you want to become rich, prosperous, and successful, and you are still getting more than 8 hours of sleep then you are not doing yourself any good. 6 to 7 hours of sleep is consummately alright. But, if you still sleep and wake up late in the morning then you could be missing great opportunities to make money. Also making space for you to become broke

when you want to sleep at night make sure you set your alarm clock earlier than normal. Place your alarm clock next to your door. When you get up to turn that annoying sound off, you will be up and facing your door.

3. You talk a lot and don’t make a move.

There is a saying that \”action speaks louder than words.” You will be like, “today when I get home, I will refresh up, take my dinner and read my books before going to bed. Before you know it, it’s already 6 am, what did you do? Nothing, you just wasted the night.

It is great to have opinions, however, opinions do better by WORK, not by WORD. Don\’t just say it, show it Janna Cachola
If you dream of it, get up and act on it Ekere Marshal

  I\’m almost certain everyone knows an individual who is this way. They generally talk about how they are beginning a business (yet they never do) or talk about how they\’re obligated (yet charge an excursion to a Mastercard). In case you\’re one of these individuals you have to understand that simply discussing the manners in which you will improve your life won\’t help you improve your life.

The wealthiest spot on the planet is the cemetery. It\’s the place endless thoughts and creations come to bite the dust. Champions don\’t begin with an ideal thought. They begin with a thought and make it perfect through the hard work they put in.

4. You Depend On The Government.

Many times we give excuses and also blame the government for making us broke and poor. If the government doesn\’t help you why don\’t you look for a way to help yourself. It\’s true that the government is not taking its citizens seriously and not putting matters on discussion rather holding meetings and discussing issues that are not relevant.  

You just graduated from college and you are waiting for the government to provide a job for you. You got to start doing things yourself. Look for a business to do, be creative, just find something good to do with your life instead of sitting down at home folding arms and waiting for the government to call on you which is not going to happen at this point.

5. You Spend Too Much.

Back in high school days, I used to think life is much easier and simple than I think, I spend a lot, buying cloth which is not of importance to me, spending my money on irrelevant things which I don\’t need now. I didn\’t say buying clothes is bad, but who cares when you put on nice clothes/dress without something to show off, without a penny in the pocket.

Only buy something that you\’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shuts down for ten years __ Warren Buffet

  Wise up man, you shouldn\’t compete with anyone. All you should be thinking of now is investing that money you spend on irrelevant things. Because time they say what\’s for nobody and nobody also will be held responsible when you become broke.


6. You Encircle Yourself With Broke individuals.

Have you ever heard the colloquialism you are the total of the 5 individuals you invest the most energy with? This genuinely influences how you handle your cash.

The explanation you\’re down and out may sincerely be the individual around you. It could be your family could be your companions, it could be your loved one. On the off chance that these individuals are terrible with their cash and they spend each penny they make and have nothing in the bank, they will impact you to do a proportion of similar practices

You should encircle yourself with certain individuals who are extraordinary with their cash and are in a spot where you\’d love to be. I\’m not saying that you should surrender your loved ones. Perhaps get some monetary training, and offer that data with your loved ones so you would all grow together.

If you\’re encircled with the individuals who love your aspiration, you\’ll be more driven and accomplish more. If you\’re encircled by friends and family who reveal to you your objectives are idiotic and advise you to transform them, you have to keep away from them. Be around the individuals who assist you with feeling great being the aggressive, determined worker you are, so you can turn into the fruitful individual you\’re intended to be.

7. You Have No Plan.


You have no plan is part of what makes you broke. Having an arrangement isn\’t basic to get well and effective. However on the off chance that been bankrupt as of not long ago, at that point maybe you should consider making one for yourself.

where would you like to be in a couple of years? Would you like to be the place you are or would like to be in the activity you had always wanted, winning a lot of cash?

On the off chance that it\’s the last mentioned, at that point, you\’ll require an arrangement of how you will have the option to arrive. Do you know what you have to do to cause this fantasy to turn into a reality? At that point record it, and split it into little gradual steps.

8. You Can’t Say Know.

Something that we as a whole need to learn sooner or later in our lives is that we can\’t generally get what we need. We need to make sense of how to disapprove of things that won\’t help our fates and that can hurt our wallets and make us broke.

I will tell you the secret to getting rich on Wall Street. You try to be greedy when others are fearful. And you try to be fearful when others are greedy Warren Buffet

Not having the option to say no is a genuine explanation you\’re poor. You have to figure out how to say no when your companions need you to go out and snatch drinks if you can\’t bear the cost of it.

You have to say know if someone persuades you to purchase a spic and span vehicle. There are endless open doors where you have to recall that no is an alternative. It will help your funds for quite a long time to come and it will also boost your income and make you financially stable.

9. You Give Up Too Easily.

The main a large portion of a year or year of beginning a business, a site, a profession, or whatever it is you need to do is a test. You\’ll be tried on your dedication and love to do what it is you\’re doing.

Inside this time you will encounter battles and disappointment, yet this is all aspect of the test and the off chance that you need to demonstrate that you\’re in this for quite a while ago run and that you have the right to have the things you need. At that point, you have to do what must be due to substantiate yourself commendable to prevent brokenness


10. You Lack Motivation.

There are extremely numerous individuals in this world that lounge around saying \”I want to be rich\”, \” it\’d be decent on the off chance that we had a compensation rise\” and the wide range of various trash that they simply hope to come to them. You don\’t simply wake up one day and discover that somebody\’s kept a hundred thousand into your bank account.

The wealthy individuals in this world aren\’t wanting things and simply trusting they\’ll obtain a significant amount of wealth. They\’re the individuals who invest less energy wishing and additional time doing. If you truly need something at that point, you have to go out and placed your heart and soul into it.      

How To Stop Being Broke

Use the 50/30/20 Rule: Allocate 50% of your income to needs, 30% to wants, and 20% to savings and debt repayment. Adjusting these percentages to fit your goals can help accelerate your savings. Save Your Raises and Bonuses: Resist the temptation to increase your spending with every raise or bonus.  


Many are broke and will give you thousands of reasons why they are broke. You can\’t just sit down and allow money to flow into your bank account. I talked about you lacking a plan. If you don\’t set a goal and don\’t have a plan nothing will work. You just have to take that bold step. Try to Build up motivation, don\’t give up, be sleepless, move away from people who don\’t and won\’t add any value to your life, talk less and act more, don\’t always depend on your government because your government will fail you, and when you finally start earning, don\’t spend too much. There are still a ton of things out there that are incredibly adding to our monetary battles. So take your time, sit down, and identify those things that are keeping you broke and how you can be able to lighten your circumstance.

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