Costa Titch Cause Of Death Revealed After 1 Year.Fans Are Surprised

Costa Titch Cause Of Death Revealed

The rapper, real name Costantinos Tsobanoglou, lost his life on 11 March 2023 during his performance at the Ultra Music Festival, leading to speculation about what may have caused his death, with foul play also being considered.

Costa Titch’s Cause Of Death Has Been Confirmed.

A little over a year after the rapper passed away, his family revealed that his seizure was triggered by the severe strain on his heart – leading to his untimely death.

Costa Titch Cause Of Death Revealed After 1 Year.Fans Are Surprised
Photo: Costa Titch (Instagram)

Costa Titch’s representatives have finally revealed what led to the rapper’s untimely death

  • The Big Flexa hitmaker died while performing at a music festival in 2023, and his family revealed that his heart was severely strained
  • Supporters gathered to pay their respects to Costa Titch and flooded his profile with green hearts in his honor
  • Costa Titch’s family officially confirmed what led to the rapper’s death 🕊 More in the comments.

Costa Titch’s Family And Management Released A Statement Confirming Costa Titch Cause Of Death

Taking to his Instagram page, the Titch Gang shared that after examinations by pathologists, it was revealed that without prior knowledge, Costa’s heart had suffered significant strain.

This is said to have been due to constant stress and fatigue, which led to an irregular heartbeat mid-performance and, later, the seizure that took his life:

Mpho Sebeng’s Cause Of Death Revealed

In an earlier report, Afromambo shared a statement from Mpho Sebeng’s family revealing what led to his tragic passing.

Mpho Sebeng's family released a statement about his death

His death sent shockwaves across the country, leaving fans and peers grieving his loss.

  • Mpho Sebeng’s family has released an official statement confirming the actor’s tragic passing
  • Sebeng is said to have died in a car accident, and the family revealed that details of his memorial and funeral would be communicated
  • Mzansi sent an outpouring of tribute messages for Mpho, where fans and fellow celebs were shaken by his untimely passing


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