Grootman And Ex-Girlfriend, Gcinile’S Tlof Tlof  3rd Tap3 Leaked

It has been a drama-free month, and with only a few days left for May to come to an end, Mzansi woke up to a leaked s.e.x tape of a popular former young couple, media personalities, and influencers, Grootman, real name Themba Selahle, and Gcinile Twala making rounds on social media.


Gcinile Twala, who has suffered untold humiliation after her fiancé Themba Silahle “Grootman” leaked their sex tape on social media, has described in detail how he hit her on the head with a bottle of Jägermeister after assaulting her several times in their love nest in the past three years.

Grootman And Ex-Girlfriend, Gcinile’S Tlof Tlof  3Rd Tap3 Leaked

Grootman And Ex-Girlfriend, Gcinile’S Tlof Tlof  3rd Tap3 Leaked
Grootman And Ex-Girlfriend, Gcinile’S Tlof Tlof  3rd Tap3 Leaked

It is not yet known who is behind the leak, but several reports are pointing out the guy and for what reason, no one knows. The video has been received with mixed reactions, with many saying the lady involved doesn’t deserve all this.

The scandal surrounding Themba has reached new heights as social media explodes with calls for his arrest following the alleged leak of his ex-girlfriend’s s.e.x tape.


Users are accusing Grootman of leaking the video, with many expressing outrage and demanding justice for Gcinile. The sentiment online is overwhelmingly against Grootman, with people highlighting his history of toxic behavior and abusive tendencies.

Watch the VIDEO here


Here Are Some Of The Reactions:

@TwaRSA26 wrote: ‘Just saw gcinile and grootman’s Sextape, it’s going to be a Loong Monday. ‘

The user also wrote: ‘One thing about the world we live In is that, there’s always a simp who is more than willing to save women like Gcinile after bad boys like grootman ate all the juice.’

@ChrisExcel102 said: ‘To those defending Gcinile Remember..She defended Grootman for scamming people She Bullied grootman’s ex girlfriend… She is not a saint!!’

@qhamadlula_ commented: ‘No one can convince me that Grootman has truly loved or is in love with Gcinile, there’s just no ways. He hates her so bad that he showed the world her vaginal cavity? He’s the scum of the earth.’

@ChrisExcel102 wrote again: ‘When Zahara said “Mgodi !!! Mgodi!! Ndizimela ngawe”. She was taking about that ️ of Gcinile ‘

@Laza_Lurvin said: ‘This Grootman and Gcinile story shouldn’t be funny to anyone yaz. A man unraveling because a woman said NO??? Do you understand that all this is because Gcinile moved on??? She’s in real danger and I’m not even kidding. Next thing we’ll be seeing won’t be good’

@Shonny_SA commented: ‘That video of Grootman and Gcinile is the reason I don’t want women who are competent in BJ’s as my main. She’s been sucking all that cucumber now you must pay Lobola for her’

@BafanaSurprise wrote: ‘Seeing Gcinile’s v@gina being widely opened like that , well that’s very traumatising . Grootman chose the only video that was tarnish her image and break her soul, scammers are dangerous! Hoes only enjoy them when they benefit! There is always a big price to pay!!’

@krugersville wrote: ‘Haibo Grootman posted Gcinile’s s.e.xtapes in 4k just like that without shame?? Bro that’s revenge p0rn what the fuck is wrong with that monster ‘


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