Here’s Why Skomota’s Reality Show Was Cancelled

Here’s Why Skomota’s Reality Show Was Cancelled

Moja Love recently terminated Skomota’s reality show after the two parties disagreed on remuneration. The show was reportedly canceled barely a few months after its announcement.

However, reports have it that the show will not make it to small screens after Skomota demanded an R1 million payout for the show. Skomota’s team demanded R1 million, which Moja Love disapproved of, leading to the show’s cancellation. However, against the rumors, both parties have yet to address the issue.

The reality show intended to dive into Skomota’s life, focusing on his alleged two girlfriends and his rise to fame. It experienced several postponements before being officially canceled. This is not the first time Skomota has made similar headlines. Earlier this year, he canceled his shows after accusing his management of exploitation.

Skomota’s close friend and manager, Skhothane sa Pitori, revealed that Skomota had no bank account, and all his booking fees were being paid to Moruti wa Dikota’s account. During his sit-and-tell interview, Skhothane sa Pitori pulled a shocker when he revealed that Skomota had made over R1 million in bookings. Surprisingly, he hasn’t had his fair share of his earnings.


Here’s Why Skomota’s Reality Show Was Cancelled
Here’s Why Skomota’s Reality Show Was Cancelled

MDN News confirmed the situation with a tweet: “Skomota has cancelled all his bookings until further notice. They say they are requesting Moruti Wa Dikota to appear before a meeting with them, along with Skomota’s family, to resolve the issues regarding his money.”


In 2023, Skomota made headlines when he reportedly won a whopping R3 million from betting. The viral sensation then pursued his passion for entertainment as a bubbly host and performer. Since then, he has been busy and booked, and his signature dance move has quickly become his trademark. Skomota has headlined several shows and performed alongside some of South Africa’s finest, including multi-award-winning singer Makhadzi. He has also rubbed shoulders with several A-listers, including DJ Tira, and has performed in Europe.

Skomota reportedly makes a whopping R545,000 monthly. However, a leaked WhatsApp chat earlier this year revealed that Skomota costs R90,000 to book. In addition to headline shows, he has also earned considerable money from endorsements and club appearances.


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