Singer Jelly Babie Cancelled Due To Inappropriate Behaviour Towards A Cashier In Viral Video She Shared On Tiktok

Singer Jelly Babie Cancelled Due To Inappropriate Behaviour Towards A Cashier In Viral Video She Shared On Tiktok

It was a very bad day for Bacardi star Karabo Kakhu, who is popularly known as Jelly Babie.

The 18-year-old from Mabopane in Tshwane is losing followers and brand partnerships one at a time.

This comes after a video surfaced on social media showing Jelly Babie cursing a cashier at a Big Save supermarket.

In the video, taken by a former associate of the late Vusi Ma R5, she can be heard insulting the cashier, accusing her of disrespect.

“Respect doesn’t come with age. Respect me so that I can respect you. You’re a dog. Your job is to be a teller not to ask who I am talking to. Who do you think you are? You are nothing…” she can be heard saying in the video.

Jelly Babie, who recorded a video cursing at a cashier at a Big Save store.
Jelly Babie lost most of her followers on TikTok. Image: @jellybabie_official Source: Instagram




After the video went viral, many expressed their disappointment, saying they had lost respect for her because of how she treated the cashier.

In response to the video, Big Save released a statement saying they had temporarily suspended the cashier while they investigate the incident.

“In line with the company code of conduct this is normal practice whilst an investigation is undertaken to establish the circumstances that prevailed, that lead to the incident.

“It has come to our attention that a TikTok influencer behaved inappropriately towards our staff member and we categorically state that this behaviour is unacceptable, we are committed to protecting the rights and well-being of our employees,” they said.

They said they acknowledge that the staff member’s rights and privacy were violated and will be guiding her appropriately in line with the POPIA, as she was filmed without her consent.

“We stand by her in determining the appropriate course of action in response to this breach. Our priority remains the safety and dignity of our employees and we will take the necessary measures to ensure a supportive and respectful work environment,” they said.

Apology Accepted?


Big Save said they call for accountability from Jelly Babie and urged for appropriate action to be taken by apologising publicly to both their employee and the company.

Meanwhile, Jelly Babie’s partnership with a hair salon called P Squared Beauty Parlour came to an end because of the video.

“In light of recent events involving Jelly Babie, we’ve made the decision to end our partnership with her as her behaviour does not align with our values,” they said.

Despite attempts to reach out to Jelly Babie for comment, her phone remained off.

Jelly Babie Loses 500K Followers After Trending Video Of Her Insulting A Cashier Went Viral

Bacardi singer and dancer Jelly Babie has lost 500K followers on her TikTok account recently
This was after the incident of her insulting a cashier at a certain store not so long ago
Many netizens responded by saying that she had damaged her brand by insulting the cashier


Jelly Babie loses 500K followers on TikTok

Pitori queen and the godmother of Barcadi Karabo Khukhu, popularly known as Jelly Babie, became the talk of the town after a trending video of her insulting a cashier went viral on social media.

As a result of that incident, Jelly Babie rubbed many netizens in a bad and negative way, causing her to lose 500K followers on TikTok in less than two days. A Twitter (X) user @AkanimiltonM shared the news of the star losing a whooping amount of followers on their timeline and wrote:

Netizens Reacts To Jelly Babie’S Fall From Grace

Shortly after the news was shared on social media, many netizens responded to her fall and her losing followers. See some of the reactions below:

De_Platinum_ wrote:

“The only people following her RN are the ones who lost their tiktok accounts.”
@KaizerBeatZ_ said:

“She ruined her brand. This is a clear reminder that no matter how successful or rich you become, always humble yourself. God gives and he takes.”
@idressforimage responded:

“We must do more, let’s keep unfollowing her.”


Jelly Babie’S Heartfelt Apology To Cashier


BARCADI dancer and singer Jelly Babie and the Big Save cashier make peace.

  • The 18-year-old artist, whose real name is Karabo Khakhu, stepped on the toes of many when she posted a video in which she insulted a Big Save employee.
  • Her fans and social media users lashed out and demanded that she be cancelled, causing her to lose followers and brands.
  • Big Save’s management issued a statement calling on her to apologise publicly.
  • “We demand accountability from the TikTok influencer involved and urge that appropriate action be taken by publicly apologising to both our employee and the company,” it said.
  • The former Vusi Ma R5 sidekick went back to the shop and publicly apologised to the woman.

In a video that appears to have been recorded at the location where the incident occurred, she can be heard apologising to the woman named Martha: “I want to thank you for taking the time to listen to me.”


Legal Action


Afromambo reports that the store considered taking legal action against the dancer after she humiliated the cashier.

Gossipmonger, Musa Khawula, shared an audio of a woman claiming to be the cashier telling her side of the story and her reaction to being insulted by the famous dancer:

“HR was standing beside me and told me not to respond while she [Jelly Babie] hurled insults at me. She kept calling me a dog, saying I had nothing, and that truly hurt me.”


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