Slay Queen Cyan Boujee Tramautized By Leaked Tlof Tlof Video: Manager Shares Heartbreaking Details

Slay Queen Cyan Boujee Tramautized By Leaked Tlof Tlof Video: Manager Shares Heartbreaking Details

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[Image: Cyan Boujee/Instagram]
[Image: Cyan Boujee/Instagram]
Slay Queen Cyan Boujee Tramautized by Leaked Tlof Tlof Video: Manager Shares Heartbreaking Details

Controversial slay queen, Cyan Boujee is reportedly going through a traumatic experience after an ex plicit video involving her was leaked. The unexpected incident has left her emotionally distressed and uncertain about the actions she should take in response.

Manager Meeting With Cyan Boujee

In a recent conversation with Cyan Boujee, her manager, Goitsemang Rakgatlha, highlighted her current state of distress. He mentioned that she is struggling to make decisions due to the emotional toll of the situation.

“I spoke to her earlier and she has not decided yet if she will be opening a case.

“She could not even talk to me properly because she was emotional, so I told her to stay away from social media,”Rakgatlha said.

Rakgatlha stated that their primary concern is Cyan Boujee’s well-being and urged her to stay away from social media to avoid further emotional turmoil.

Uncertainty Regarding Legal Measures

Although the leaked tlof tlof tape has caused significant distress, Cyan Boujee has not yet determined whether she will file a legal complaint against the individuals responsible for the leak, Sunday World reveals.

Rakgatlha explained that their priority at this stage is supporting Cyan Boujee and ensuring she recovers from the emotional trauma inflicted by the incident.

Pink Tuesdays Event Performance

Cyan Boujee, who had a prior commitment to perform at the 012 Lifestyle Pink Tuesdays event alongside renowned DJs such as DJ Zinhle, DJ Ayanda, and Saucy Khuu, may need to reconsider her participation due to her current emotional state.

Rakgatlha emphasized the importance of allowing Cyan Boujee enough time to recover and regain her composure before deciding on honoring the booking.

Allegations Against Prince Kaybee

Shortly after the bedroom tape was leaked and circulated on social media, Cyan Boujee took to her platforms to address the issue.

Unmasking the Mischief Maker: Cyan Boujee Exposes the Celebrity Behind the Viral Tlof Tlof Leak
In a now-deleted Instagram post, she implicated musician Prince Kaybee as the source of the leak.

“I am ayt [alright] guys but wow, God bless Prince Kaybee. It’s him definitely. My only issue is my niggas are all gonna dump me today

However, Prince Kaybee has not yet responded to these allegations at the time of publishing.


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