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Who is Twitter Troll Chris Excel? Everything We Know So Far

Who is Twitter Troll Chris Excel? Everything We Know So Far

Azola Christopher Tabane
Azola Christopher Tabane

Chris Excel’s picture on his Twitter profile is Bianca Coster. She is an influencer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She revealed that she is aware Chris Excel is using her photograph, but her efforts to report the account to Twitter have been fruitless.

How He Was Exposed

In late January 2022, Bianca Coster allegedly exposed Chris Excel’s private information, asking him to use another picture. Coster did not have a Twitter account when Chris started using her identity.


According to Celebs Now, the girl revealed the Twitter bully’s real name as Azola Christopher Tabane. She further exposed Chris Excel’s residence as 41 Peace Street Missianvale Port Elizabeth, and his workplace as Faltex Foam and Automotive Productions (PTY) LTD.

Azola Christopher Tabane.
Azola Christopher Tabane aka CHRISEXCEL

Introduction to Chris Excel

Chris Excel is a prominent figure on Twitter, widely recognized for his controversial and often provocative online activities. Emerging as a significant presence on the platform, Chris Excel has garnered a substantial following by engaging in what is commonly referred to as ‘trolling.’ In the context of social media, this term denotes a user who deliberately posts inflammatory or off-topic messages in an online community to provoke readers into an emotional response or disrupt normal on-topic discussion.

Who is Twitter troll Chris Excel from South Africa?
Who is Twitter Troll Chris Excel? Everything We Know So Far

Chris Excel whose alleged real name is Azola Christopher Tabane, is a South African man known for trolling people and posting mean comments on Twitter. He is a self-proclaimed catfish and the president of black Twitter. US-based preacher TD Jakes recently blocked him, and tweeps have accused him and other cyberbullies of causing Patrick Shai and Riky Rick’s suicide deaths. Who is the person behind the mask? Herein is all we know regarding the gothic and mysterious internet personality.

Real ID Of Chris Excel

According to Celeb Now, the Twitter troll’s real name is Azola Christopher Tabane. Little is known regarding his identity and personal life. Chris Excel’s age can therefore not be determined.



Chris Excel exposed real name Azola Christopher Tabane ...

Excel’s notoriety stems from a combination of sharp wit, biting sarcasm, and a propensity for stirring the pot. The content shared by Chris Excel often includes pointed commentary on current events, public figures, and social issues. These posts are characterized by their boldness and a disregard for social niceties, which has earned Excel both fervent admirers and vehement critics. While some users appreciate the unfiltered nature of his commentary and view it as a form of social critique, others see it as unnecessarily abrasive and antagonistic.


Fake ID Of Chris Excel

Who is Twitter troll Chris Excel?
The photo being used by Chris Excel on Twitter belongs to Bianca Coster (pictured). Photo: @bianca_coster Source: Instagram


The ‘troll’ label attached to Chris Excel is significant in understanding his online persona. In the realm of social media, trolls are often seen as disruptors who challenge conventional discourse, sometimes bringing to light uncomfortable truths, but other times perpetuating negativity and conflict. This duality is evident in the public perception of Chris Excel, where he is simultaneously lauded for his audacity and condemned for his crudeness.

Understanding Chris Excel’s role on Twitter requires acknowledging the complex interplay between entertainment, critique, and disruption that defines his contributions to the platform. His ability to captivate and provoke audiences underscores the potent impact that a single user can have in shaping discussions and influencing the social media landscape.

Notable Incidents and Controversies

Chris Excel has become a well-known Twitter personality, primarily recognized for his provocative and controversial presence on the platform. Several incidents have significantly contributed to his notoriety, bringing both fame and infamy. One of the most notable events involved a viral tweet that sparked widespread debate and backlash. The tweet, which was perceived as highly insensitive, quickly gained traction, resulting in a flurry of reactions from Twitter users worldwide. This incident not only catapulted Chris Excel into the public eye but also led to an increase in his Twitter following, albeit accompanied by a barrage of criticism.


Public feuds have also been a hallmark of Chris Excel’s Twitter activity. He has engaged in numerous high-profile disputes with other Twitter users, including celebrities. One particularly famous feud involved a back-and-forth exchange with a well-known public figure, which was widely covered by online media outlets. These interactions, while often contentious, have served to keep Chris Excel in the spotlight, continually drawing attention to his account.

In addition to viral tweets and public feuds, Chris Excel has been involved in several notable interactions that have further cemented his controversial reputation. For instance, a series of tweets directed at a popular social media influencer led to a significant online uproar, with many users condemning his behavior. Despite the negative feedback, these incidents have paradoxically contributed to an increase in his follower count, as curiosity and intrigue drive more users to his Twitter profile.

The impact of these incidents on Chris Excel’s reputation has been multifaceted. While he has undoubtedly gained a substantial following, the nature of his notoriety has also attracted significant criticism and scrutiny. His actions and tweets continue to polarize the Twitter community, making him a figure of both fascination and disdain. As a result, Chris Excel remains a prominent and contentious presence on Twitter, with his every move closely watched by both supporters and detractors alike.


Public Reactions and Criticism

Chris Excel’s activities on Twitter have elicited a wide range of reactions from the online community. The public’s response to Chris Excel is multifaceted, with opinions varying significantly among different groups. Fans of Chris Excel often laud their wit and audacity, appreciating the boldness with which they tackle controversial topics. For these supporters, Chris Excel’s tweets are a source of entertainment and candid commentary on social issues, making them a popular figure among certain demographics.

Conversely, a considerable segment of Twitter users has expressed strong criticism towards Chris Excel. Detractors argue that Chris Excel’s behavior crosses the line into harmful trolling and cyberbullying. They point out instances where Chris Excel’s comments have been perceived as offensive or insensitive, leading to heated debates about the ethics of their online presence. This group contends that Chris Excel’s actions contribute to a toxic online environment, emphasizing the need for greater accountability on social media platforms.

Neutral observers, who neither vehemently support nor oppose Chris Excel, often find themselves torn between the two perspectives. They recognize the entertainment value in Chris Excel’s tweets but are also cognizant of the potential harm caused by their more provocative statements. This demographic tends to approach Chris Excel’s content with caution, acknowledging the complexity of their impact on the Twitter community.

Significant backlash against Chris Excel has materialized in various forms, including organized campaigns calling for their account to be suspended. These efforts are typically driven by those who believe that Chris Excel’s influence is detrimental to the overall discourse on the platform. Despite these campaigns, Chris Excel has managed to maintain a substantial following, indicating a persistent divide in public opinion. The contentious nature of Chris Excel’s presence on Twitter underscores the broader challenges of moderating content and fostering a healthy online community.

The Impact of Chris Excel on Twitter Culture

Chris Excel’s presence on Twitter has had a profound impact on the platform’s culture, particularly in the realms of trolling, meme-making, and online discourse. As a prominent figure in the Twitterverse, Chris Excel has managed to capture the attention of thousands, thereby influencing how users engage with one another. This has led to a notable shift in the dynamics of Twitter interactions, where humor and satire often intersect with more serious discussions.

One of the key ways Chris Excel has shaped Twitter culture is through the proliferation of trolling. Trolling, a contentious yet ubiquitous aspect of social media, has been both amplified and normalized by Chris Excel’s activities. By employing a blend of wit, sarcasm, and provocative commentary, Chris Excel has set a precedent for how trolling can be used not just to entertain, but also to provoke thought and elicit reactions. This has led to a more polarized environment on Twitter, where users often find themselves in heated debates sparked by controversial tweets.

In addition to trolling, Chris Excel has significantly contributed to the meme-making culture on Twitter. Memes, which serve as a form of social commentary, have been a vital tool for Chris Excel to communicate complex ideas in a humorous and easily digestible manner. This has not only popularized certain memes but has also influenced the way users create and share content, making humor a central component of Twitter interactions.

Chris Excel’s influence extends beyond individual tweets to the broader phenomenon of social media behavior. The account exemplifies how an online persona can wield significant power and shape public discourse. This raises important questions about the future of online interactions and the role that influential figures like Chris Excel will play. As social media continues to evolve, the impact of such personalities on the culture and tone of online conversations will likely remain a subject of interest and debate.


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