Bonang Matheba Dresses: Top 15 Best Dress Pictures And Fashion

Bonang Matheba Dresses: 15 Best Dress Pictures And Looks

Fashion. In 2008, Matheba made a collaboration with retailer Legit in launching her first clothing line, “Just B”. She then partnered with a London-based designer to create a handbag collection called “Baby Star”. In 2014, high-end South African retail brand Woolworths, revealed a collaboration with Bonang.

Bonang Matheba Dresses: Top 15 Best Dress Pictures And Fashion


 The Double-Slit Floral Dress

casual Bonang Matheba's dresses
Bonang Matheba’s dresses. Photo: IG

Well, by now, you have probably established that the renowned radio presenter has a thing for long slits on her outfits. This one featured double slits on the sides with gold-colored stilettos completing the beautiful look. This is undeniably one of the best Bonang Matheba traditional dresses.

The Floral Maxi

Bonang Matheba Dresses: 15 Best Dress Pictures And Look
Photo: @bonang_m Source: Instagram

 Sexy Black



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It has often been said that a girl has to have a little black dress, but what about a long black one with a waist-length slit to match? The renowned celebrity is shown here rocking a sexy black outfit complemented by a Chanel necklace and black sunglasses.

 The Leopard Print Bodycon

This animal print bodycon looked absolutely amazing on Matheba. She paired it up with black heels, sunglasses, and a cylindrical black and white pouch.

Matheba stepped out wearing this long floral dress with a bareback design. The bold flowered patterns and mix of colours looked incredible when paired with her simple and elegant wristwatch. This is undoubtedly one of the best-looking casual Bonang Matheba dresses.

Bonang Matheba's dresses
Bonang Matheba’s dresses Animal print outfit. Photo: @bonang_m Source: Instagram

Yellow Petals

Beautiful girls yellow dress from Love Made Love. Sleeveless dress with full skirt and tulle underlay for added volume.

It’s often said that sometimes fashion derives inspiration from the beauty of nature. Nothing underlines that sentiment more than this yellow outfit made from a semi-transparent layer beneath and petal-resembling fabric on top.

 A Touch Of Silver


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  • This outfit looked amazing with its light fabric and waist-length slit.
  • It had silver floral elements on the front, breaking the otherwise bland colour of the rest of the outfit.
  • The slit showcased Matheba’s left leg quite well.

 Fire And White

Bonang Matheba's dresses-Afromambo
Bonang Matheba Dresses: 15 Best Dress Pictures And Looks Photo: IG

This outfit looked like it was pulled straight from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. The bold fabric and pattern on its top part are complemented perfectly by the plain white fabric on the lower part. Matheba also wore a matching tiara to complete the look.


 Lace And Beads Dress

 Bonang Matheba's dresses
Beads dress: Photo Source;

While Matheba is mostly known for her signature long dresses, she also wears short ones quite well. The grey one in this picture looks absolutely stunning especially combined with the matching shoes and headband.

 A Feather Party Dress

Matheba posted this outfit on Instagram and said how she loved feather dresses. This one looks like something one would wear at their wedding, or if you are Matheba, on a casual evening. Whatever the case, we cannot deny that it looks incredible. The flowing trail made this one of the best-looking Bonang Matheba’s outfits.


The Gorgeous Glittery Brown Dress

The Gorgeous Glittery Brown Dress for Bonang Matheba
Photo: Instagram

The television show presenter wore this outfit and paired it with an animal print handbag and classy heels. Like most of her other long dresses, this one came with a long slit, revealing her toned legs.

The Hot And Short Pink Dress

This hot pink dress looked incredibly beautiful, especially against the contrast of the TV presenter’s jet black hair. The outfit had long fluffy arms, completing the bodycon design on the rest of it.


12. Elegant emerald
Bonang Matheba’s outfits
The TV presenter looking stunning in green. Photo: @bonang_m
Source: Instagram
This outfit featured some material hanging from the left side, and some collected on the front section. While the dress is short, the material on the left makes it appear longer. The TV presenter rocked the outfit with matching eyeshadow colour and silver earrings.

13. Casual peach and gold
casual Bonang Matheba’s dresses
The perfect outfit for a casual day out. Photo: @bonang_m
Source: Instagram
This casual outfit featured a lacy peach fabric underneath gold-coloured elements. The TV presenter completed the look with gold-coloured stilettos, bracelets, and some elegant sunglasses.

14. Orange casual
Bonang Matheba’s fashion
Elegant orange. Photo: @bonang_m
Source: Instagram
The television presenter wore this casual orange dress paired with black and gold stilettos for an elegant, timeless look. The bright orange complemented her black hair perfectly.

15. Pistachio goodness
Bonang Matheba’s traditional dresses
A unique pistachio outfit. Photo: @bonang_m
Source: Instagram
With a long sleeve on the right arm and a sleeveless design on the left, this pistachio outfit is undeniably one of the most elegant Bonang Matheba dresses.

The top Bonang Matheba dresses are key to her fabulous fashion style. While she has been occasionally spotted wearing skirts and trousers, dresses are irrefutably her go-to outfits. She wears them elegantly, too, whether long, short, formal, or casual.

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