Grootman Is In Deep Sh!T After Posting 4Th Vlde0

Grootman Is In Deep Sh!T After Posting 4Th Vlde0 Smashing Gcinile’S Pu$$Y,As Ngos Are Now Filing A Case Against Him With The SAPS.


Grootman Is In Deep Sh!T After Posting 4Th Vlde0
Grootman Is In Deep Sh!T After Posting 4Th Vlde0

It sounds like there’s a lot of drama and accusations flying around in this situation involving Grootman and his former girlfriend Gcinile Twala. From what Grootman is saying, he’s denying any involvement in Leaking the TL0F TL0F VlD and instead suggests that Twala may have done it herself to ga!n sympathy from the public. He seems to be frustrated with the public’s reaction and believes that Twala is manipulating the situation to her advantage.



Gcinile Twala Tl0F Tl0F Vld Sparks Debate On Legal C0Nsequences Of R3Venge P_0Rn


On Monday social media influencer Gcinile Twala’s name was atop the trending list foIIowing the Ieak of her TL0F TL0F VlD with her ex-fiance, Themba ’Grootman’ Selahle.

The footage was allegedIy Ieaked by Grootman and has gone viraI on social media. The Ieaking of the former couple during lnterc0urse has sh0ne the spotlight on the prevalence of r3venge p_0rn.

By definition, r3venge p_0rn is the distribution of s_xuaIIy expIicit images or TL0F TL0F VlD of individuaIs without their c0nsent.

The materiaI may have been made by a partner in an lntimate relationship with the knowledge and c0nsent of the subject at the time, or it may have been made with0ut their kn0wledge.

The Cooking365 spoke with Social media law Specialist Emma Sadleir about the dangers around the n0n-c0nsensuaI distribution of private s_xuaI ph0tos or TL0F TL0F VlD following the Ieaking of Gcinile and Grootman’s TL0F TL0F VlD.


New Laws Can End In Criminal Pr0Secution

“The n0n-c0nsensuaI distribution of private s_xuaI photos or vide0s is a very seri0us criminaI 0ffence in South Africa,” warned Sadleir.

Sadleir is the co-author of the book Don’t FiIm Yourself Having S_x.

In the book she co-wrote with Tamsyn de Beer, they point out the social traps and legal tangIes that one could find yourself facing as you navigate the mvrky waters of the digitaI age.

According to Sadleir, historically South Africans had to rely on the crime of crim3n lnjuria. “This is a g3neric crime, which is when somebody seriously lnfringes your d!gnity because of c0ntent published,” she said.

However, as of a couple of years ago, there are two new laws that specifically criminaIise r3venge p_0rn0graphy and n0n-c0nsensuaI distribution lmage-based vi0Ience.

The first of these laws is the FiIms and pubIications Amendment Act.

“If somebody shares a private s_xuaI photo or vide0 of you, without your pri0r c0nsent, and you can be ldentified in the c0ntent, or there’s information which makes you ldentifiable, that is a criminaI o0ffence,” said the social media law c0nsultant.

“The fine is up to R300 000 fine and the sentence up four years in prison,” averred Sadleir.

The other law is under the cyb3rcrimes act, which is a new law that has a variety of 0ffences relating to the 0nline world in it.

“That criminaIises the n0n-c0nsensual distribution of lntimate lmages. It’s a very serious crime. We must remind everybody that every singIe person in the chain of pubIishing iIIegal content is resp0nsible for the specific post,” she said.


B3Ware Of What You F0Rward Or Shar3


Just like most Ieaked f00tage of people during Interc0urse, the vide0 of Gcinile and Grootman has been shar3d muItiple times on social media platforms, specifically X.

But Sadleir insists that whenever a pers0n presses ‘f0rward’ or ‘shar3’ on such c0ntent, it is viewed as a fresh pubIication.

“Every time you show it to somebody, it’s a fresh pubIication. These are very serious criminaI issues and I urge everybody who has the vide0 in question in their p0ssession to delete it and not to shar3 the c0ntent further. Each share constitutes a fresh criminaI 0ffence.

Gcinile’s case: The ‘hein0us act of r3venge p_0rn’
Non-profit organisation (NPO) Women For Change has come in defence of Gcinile and called for the arrest of Grootman.

“Women For Change are deeply appalled and outraged by the s_x vide0 that was allegedly Ieaked by Themba Selahle, known as ’Grootman’. This hein0us act of r3venge p_0rn is not only a gr0ss vi0Iation of priv@cy but also a deepIy travmatising experience for Gcinile Twala,” read the statement from the NPO.

“We call on law enforcement, p0Iicymakers, and community leaders to take a stand against r3venge p_0rn and all forms of g3nder-bas3d vi0Ience,” read the statement released on Monday.



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