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How the mastermind was paid R800k just a few hours before AKA hit

How the mastermind was paid R800k just a few hours before AKA hit

How the mastermind was paid R800k just a few hours before AKA hit
How the mastermind was paid R800k just a few hours before AKA hit

In the hours leading up to the tragic deaths of renowned rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes and his close associate Tebello ‘Tibz” Motsoane, a significant financial transaction occurred, shedding light on the intricate web of events surrounding the crime.

An amount totaling R800,000 found its way into the bank account of businessman Mziwethemba Harvey Gwabeni, a pivotal figure in the police investigation into the orchestrators of the fatal attack

The transaction, meticulously noted by authorities, occurred around 2 pm on February 10, 2023, setting off a chain of events that would ultimately uncover the alleged perpetrators. As dusk settled, telephone records provided crucial insights into the movements of Gwabeni and several individuals implicated in the murder.

  • Among them were Lindokuhle Mhlaliseni, Siyabonga Gezani, Melusi Dave Ndimande, and Thabani Mkhwanazi, who congregated at Gwabeni’s residence around 6 pm on the same fateful day.
  • The presence of these individuals, all suspects in the rapper’s untimely demise, at the businessman’s abode raised suspicions and intensified the investigation’s focus on unraveling the truth behind the sinister plot. Amidst the unfolding drama, Tony Forbes, father of the late AKA, stood resolute in his pursuit of justice, appearing alongside Police Minister Bheki Cele at the Durban Magistrates Court.
  • During the court proceedings, the magistrate revealed the faces and identities of five of the seven accused individuals allegedly involved in the murder, marking a significant step in the legal proceedings. However, Tony Forbes expressed skepticism regarding the apprehended suspects, speculating that the true mastermind behind the heinous act remains at large.
  • Addressing the media, Forbes questioned the source of the funds transferred to the perpetrators, casting doubt on whether the arrests truly encapsulate the full extent of those responsible for his son’s tragic demise. His sentiments underscored the lingering uncertainty surrounding the case and the pressing need for a comprehensive investigation to uncover the ultimate truth.
  • Meanwhile, music executive Nota Baloyi echoed public sentiments, urging transparency from individuals associated with the late rapper in his final moments. Baloyi stressed the importance of eliciting truthful statements from those close to AKA, emphasizing the imperative of accountability in seeking justice for the grieving family and fans.
  • As the saga unfolds, netizens took to social media to commend Tony Forbes for his unwavering determination in ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the legal proceedings. Amidst expressions of sympathy and solidarity, the public echoed Forbes’ sentiments, highlighting the need for unwavering pursuit of justice in the wake of such a profound tragedy.
  • In a poignant revelation, previous reports shed light on court documents detailing the substantial sum of R800,000 paid to the alleged hitmen tasked with ending AKA’s life.
  • Despite the authorities’ discretion in divulging specific details during press conferences, the emerging evidence underscores the magnitude of the criminal enterprise under scrutiny, leaving a nation in mourning and demanding answers.

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