“I Am Not Sick In My Head To Burn My Own House”-Skeem Saam Actress Innocent Sadiki

Skeem Saam Actress Innocent Sadiki Cries out

“I Am Not Sick In My Head To Burn My Own House”-Skeem Saam Actress Innocent Sadiki

The Sadikis lost everything when their home was gutted by a fire. Innocent Sadiki and her family have lost everything after their R3m house in Fourways, Johannesburg went up in flames on Monday afternoon

"I Am Not Sick In My Head To Burn My Own House"-Skeem Saam Actress Innocent Sadiki
“I Am Not Sick In My Head To Burn My Own House”-Skeem Saam Actress Innocent Sadiki

Skeem Saam’s Innocent Sadiki sheds light on moments before her home went up in smoke
Actor says two months ago her house was ‘suspiciously’ flooded with water and now investigations are underway

Skeem Saam actress Innocent Sadiki, who is being accused of faking the fire that gutted her home over the weekend, said the negative comments on social media do not move her. Sadiki shared the news of losing her home on social media on Monday morning.

After sharing a video of her and her husband, Pastor Phindulo Sadiki, comforting each other outside their burnt house, the couple asked for donations as they had lost everything in the fire.


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The Sadikis said that they lost everything in the house, worth R2 million. Soon after they asked for donations, social media investigators started digging, found a picture of the house that appeared to be abandoned, and began accusing the pastor and his wife of burning their own house.

Skeem Saam actor Innocent Sadiki is grateful her husband, children and helper made it out alive from the fire that engulfed her Fourways home on Monday afternoon.
Skeem Saam actor Innocent Sadiki is grateful her husband, children and helper made it out alive from the fire that engulfed her Fourways home on Monday afternoon. Image: Supplied.

Speaking to ZiMoja, Sadiki says negative people and their opinions do not move her. She asked, “What kind of mother would put her kids in such a traumatic experience just to trend or to gain fame? I would never do that to my kids. What kind of monster would I be?” She said her stress at the moment is for her family to be fine. “I told my family members and friends who have been sending me all the negative screengrabs from social media to stop,” she added

According to the actress, the family is currently booked at a temporary accommodation to prepare the kids for school re-opening next week. She said she has been arranging therapy for her kids, who are still suffering from nightmares of watching their home burn to the ground. “I am stressed about my kids’ books, school uniforms, and getting them into therapy. People’s opinions won’t help me at this time,” she added. However, Sadiki, who plays Sthoko on Skeem Saam, said she has been grateful to people who have donated and sent messages of concern to her family. “To my followers, churches, businesspeople, and celebrities who have been helpful, we are grateful for your support,” she concluded.

Skeem Saam actor Innocent Sadiki has detailed what transpired before her R3m home in Fourways, Johannesburg, went up in flames on Monday afternoon.

Skeem Saam’S Innocent Sadiki Sheds Light On Moments Before Her Home Went Up In Smoke

According to Sadiki, who plays the role of Sthoko on the SABC 1 daily drama, her home was engulfed by fire about 2pm when her two children, aged five and 13 were home with their helper.

The actress and her husband, Phindulo, said they were shocked to receive a call that their home was on fire.

“My husband and I are fine but our children are the ones who are traumatised. My children are still processing what happened,” Sadiki told SowetanLIVE on Tuesday morning.

“When my husband and I arrived at the fire scene, I had no chance to get emotional, I knew as the adult in this, I needed to deal with everything and not focus on my emotions.

Sadiki estimates that their property and belongings are valued at R5m – the house at R3m and belongings at R2m. They are awaiting an investigation to find out what caused the fire.

“This experience is humbling but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that this is a personal attack. About three months ago, we walked into my kitchen from church to find it flooded and to this day, we don’t know how it got flooded,” she said.

“Then recently the equipment from our church was stolen after a break-in and now this? A fire? I can’t even open a case because we don’t know who is responsible for all of this. My whole house is now gone with all the things we bought to make it feel like a home. Investigations are being done and we will all know what is truly going on.”


“I was telling my children that I want them to be grateful for life. Anything could have happened because the fire started upstairs close to their rooms. I wonder if this could’ve happened at night, my husband and I wouldn’t have sensed or smelled the fire. I’m just grateful this incident happened during the day,” she said.

“God is really miraculous. He made sure that my children were unharmed because no shop could replace my children. God left me with everything that I need at this moment even though all that I own is burnt to the ground. I know we can recover – even if it takes us 10 years, it’s OK.”

On Monday night, Sadiki shared a video on social media of her house going up in flames. She has been met with outpouring messages of support from the public and fellow celebrities including Khabonina Qubeka, Uyanda Mbuli, Winnie Mashaba, Hellen Motsuki, Dineo Ranaka, as well as Ntando Duma.

“When I got to my sister-in-law’s house and my children were in PJs, I realised the small things we take for granted. Everyone has been so helpful. Tumisho Masha went out of his way to buy my children their PJs so that they can sleep peacefully without asking about what happened,” she said.

“My sister gave me some clothes to sleep in and I realised that I don’t have a drawer which I can pull a pair of socks from.

“As I saw my house burning, I knew that we were going to start from zero. I told my children that they had to be OK with it. There is no time to get emotional, even when they go back to school after their mid-break, they should know that.

“I told them that unlike the other children, they will have to start the year afresh, from their stationery to their uniforms and other things. I’m telling them all of this to prepare them for the real world.”


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