Video: Kraaifontein Teen’s Assault On Grandmother Sparks Outrage

Luvo Ngqaza (19) Has Been Arrested

Video: Kraaifontein Teen’s Assault On Grandmother Sparks Outrage- Now Arrested, See What Happened To The Teen

SAPS in the Western Cape have arrested a 19-year-old suspect seen in a video assaulting his grandmother.

Luvo Ngqaza (19) Has Been Arrested
Luvo Ngqaza (19) Has Been Arrested

Police in Kraaifontein have arrested a teenager for the alleged assault of his grandmother. The arrest comes after the disturbing video which shows the pensioner being beaten went viral on social media.

The disturbing incident, which occurred a month ago, has prompted widespread outrage and led to swift action by the authorities.

In the video, the grandson is seen allegedly assaulting the grandmother with his open arm, leading to a pot containing what appears to be porridge, spilling over. The grandson allegedly beats the grandmother so hard that she drops to the floor.

The victim, a resident of Wallacedene in Kraaifontein, was found receiving treatment in the hospital for an ailment unrelated to the assault.

Despite the grandmother’s refusal to submit a statement, police investigations uncovered that the assault took place in June at the victim’s home.


The suspect was traced to Wallecedene in Kraaifontein on Wednesday evening. He is expected to appear before the Blue Downs Magistrate’s Court on a charge of assault.

In the troubling footage, the young man slaps his grandmother during an altercation, causing her to fall, and continues the assault.

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The shocking video quickly gained traction online, prompting an outraged community to search for him.



Luvo Ngqaza (19) Has Been Arrested

Luvo Ngqaza (19) Has Been Arrested
Luvo Ngqaza (19) Has Been Arrested

This comes after he was seen in a video brutally assaulting his grandmother.

He is expected to appear before the Blue Downs Magistrates Court on a charge of assault



Initially, when the South African Police Service (SAPS) was called to the scene, the family decided to handle the matter privately and declined police intervention.

Kraaifontein Teen’S Assault On Grandmother

Colonel Andrè Traut, spokesperson for the Western Cape SAPS, said due to the severity of the incident became evident when the video began spreading online, compelling SAPS to open a case docket on behalf of the victim.

He said the on Wednesday night, the 19-year-old suspect, who is the grandson of the victim, was arrested at his Wallacedene residence.

He Is Set To Appear In Blue Downs Magistrates Court Once Formally Charged.

“Crimes against women and children are a top priority for SAPS, and we will not turn a blind eye to any form of violence in this regard,” said Traut.

The incident has sparked significant discussion on social media, with users expressing both outrage and concern for elderly abuse.

@ntsikimazwai tweeted, “Well done to everyone who posted and reposted till Luvo was arrested. Yoh! It’s an abomination in our culture to mistreat the elderly.”

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