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Man  Rejects His Biological Father, Who Returned After Abandoning Him As Baby Several Years Ago

Man  Rejects His Biological Father, Who Returned After Abandoning Him As Baby Several Years Ago

Man returns years after abandoning family Photo credit: @godwintrophyadokii/TikTok.Source: UGC
Man returns years after abandoning family Photo credit: @godwintrophyadokii/TikTok. Source: UGC

Drama as Man Embarrasses Father Who Returned after Abandoning Him as Baby: “Go Away”


A video of a middle-aged man rejecting his father, who abandoned him when he was two years old, has gone viral.

It was gathered that the man left his wife and stopped catering for his family after his son turned two years old.

Man Returns Years Later For Family

In a video shared on TikTok by @godwintrophyadokii, the man returned alone to reunite with his family, but his son was not having it.


The clip showed the angry man pushing his father away from him and warning him to stay out of his life.

According to the heartbroken son, the man left his mother when he was just two and didn’t deserve to be in their lives anymore.

“After you left my mom when I was two years old. Leave us man. He has nothing to offer, because he is not fit enough to fend for me,” he fired.

Reactions As Boy Shuns Father In Video

Social media users stormed the comments section to share their opinions about the video.

@Pappy_.Uzzi said:

“Bruh we are in the same shoe but believe me, if my dad shows up right now my question will be how has life been what happened? Because I’ve come to realize why some men had to run away. It’s never easy.”

@ice stated:

“I would only accept something like this if the man is rich and have something I’ll inherit. If not, please get lost.”
@Richblood said:

“Even with the way your mom is laughing with the guy, you better forgive him. Those two people love each other.”
@Big Zee added:

“Same issue with me, but bro no worry, you need your papa, I used to think I hated my dad till I started relating with him, listen what he has to say.”

A middle-aged man recently shunned his biological father, who returned after several years to reunite with his family
The son lamented that his father abandoned him and his mother when he was only two years old, only to come back after he was an adult
Social media users reacted massively to the video, with many appealing to the young boy to forgive his father

Watch The Video Below:


@godwintrophyadokii Mumu man😅😂🤨🤨#trophydollar ♬ original sound – Uniben.finest_

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