Prison Warder and Prisoner Video Tape resurfaces

Prison Warder and Prisoner Video Tape resurfaces

A female prison official working with the Losperfontein Correctional Centre in Brits, South Africa, committed suicide after intimate pictures of her and an inmate went viral on the Internet.

The incident happened on Monday, October 16, 2017, according to News24.

The Department of Correctional Services said in a statement that it was shocked and grieved by the Incident.

The Department’s regional manager, Mandla Mkabela, said that a team of senior managers and counsellors had been dispatched to the facility to support fellow personnel.

Ncome Prison Warder Leaked Video: South African female Correctional Officer Semx Tape with KZN inmate breaks internet

Prison officer facing disciplinary after video surfaces of se xsx with inmate

The Department of Correctional Services (DCS)  confirmed the dismissal of a female official filmed having se x with a male prisoner at a KwaZulu-Natal correctional facility few years ago.

  • The incident took place at Ncome Prison in KZN.
  • The warder was subjected to a disciplinary process of being fired
  • Disciplinary measures were also instituted against the inmate.

Prison Officials Under The Spotlight

In 2017, a Losperfontein Correctional Centre official took her own life after images of the official’s relationship with a prisoner were leaked online.

At the time, Nxumalo said they were unaware of how the images were shared.

SA Prisoners Organisation of Human Rights spokesperson, Golden Miles Bhudu, told the Daily News that reports of relationships between inmates and officials were not new.

“It is headlines today and as old as the mountains the next day and nothing comes of it. The mandate of this prison was lost along the line many years ago. Tomorrow it will happen again,” he said.


“If the system worked, these things were not going to happen. You will have a correctional officer that was well trained, well focused, well paid and not overworked. And you will have a prisoner that is also there to be educated, to be trained, to be given skills, so the prisoner can become rehabilitated and then reintegrated as a useful and productive citizen. Those things would have been in place but the system fell apart years ago,” he added.

Prison Warder and Prisoner Video Tape resurfaces
Prison Warder and Prisoner Video Tape resurfaces

The Prison Warder and Inmate Story Plot Twists, Debunking All The Lies

Inmate Who Lasted 8 Seconds During S33ex With Prison Warder Is Serving Life For Ra4ape

The inmate who featured in the shortest and most boring se  ax-tape to ever come out of South Africa is doing life for raaxpe, robbery, housebreaking, attempted murder and attempted ra pe.

He Was Sentenced In 2008.

This was revealed after a video of the inmate and a warder having se  x went viral yesterday.

According to a source, the woman in the video was previously suspended for a different offence. The matter is still a subject of an internal disciplinary process.

However, social media users were not pleased as it appeared the warder was aware the incident was being filmed.

Some asked why she’d allow herself to be filmed. Others wondered whether she was married.

A voice note of an unknown man claiming to be her former colleague also made the rounds, expressing his disappointment and saying the warder was married

“Her husband doesn’t work at Correctional Service. Everyone knows them and their kids.”

He Said She Was Recently Suspended After An Inmate Escaped.


“A prisoner asked for cash at the prisoners’ cashier the day before the escape. She broke the law and gave him the money directly, which she was not supposed to do,” he said.

“I wonder how they’ll handle all this. I just hope she doesn’t kil l herself.”

Social Media Users Also Shared Their Disappointment.


Is The Female Warder In The Leaked Video Married To The Prisoner?

Correctional services have confirmed that the prisoner and warder in the trending sex tape are not married as communicated by the spokesperson.

KwaZulu-Natal correctional facility spokesperson Singabakho Nxumalo communicated that the pair are not married contrary to rumours. The spokesperson also communicated that the prison officer is facing suspension for sexual relations with a prisoner. “Sexual activities between inmates and correctional officials are shameful incidents that can never be ascribed to what is expected of our officials,” he said.

ZWNEWS has been informed that the prison guard named as MaKhumalo is actually married to a different man who also works as a Correctional Officer.


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