REVEALED: The truth about Mamkhize’ snake and her riches


REVEALED: The truth about Mamkhize’ snake and her riches

REVEALED: The truth about Mamkhize' snake and her riches
REVEALED: The truth about Mamkhize’ snake and her riches

REVEALED: The truth about Mamkhize’ snake and her riches

South Africa as of 2020 gained a new celebrity among many others. This one however is not an ordinary celebrity who is in the entertainment industry but her main source of entertaining to South Africans is just her bank account. Shaun Mkhize, known for her reality show name “Mamkhize” is without a shadow of doubt among the riches black women in the country.

Her net worth is estimated to be over R300 Million. She has a house that even 5-star hotels are envious of. To make matters words, she is purely single and currently not dating anyone as of recent times. During her reality show this year, she showed off a massive Python snake that looked like Anaconda in her show. South Africa was instantly shocked at what they were seeing. Most then accused her of using the snake for her riches but the question is, where they right?

It is known in popular black cultures that some people use these snakes as a form of spirit to make them money. Some even marry these snakes and sleep with them alone in order to have an advantage in the money making industry. With Mamkhize’s failed marriage and her choosing the single life, South Africans think they have joined the dots. She however came out to clear the air as to where exactly is she getting this money.

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In an interview, the reality show star came clean and told South Africans that she is a legit business owner. She said that she owns a construction company that has luckily given her all these millions. She did emphasize that half of her path to riches was just pure luck. She said after her very first tender, she just continued landing more and more of these tenders for her company.

The snake that the country saw in her reality show was nothing but a mere pet. She said she is in love with animals and most importantly, she is in love with snakes. The snake was black and its length was about 8 metres. They all seemed to be comfortable around it. This showed how it knew everyone in the house. According to the tradition of keeping a snake to make money, no one reveals it to the public, the fact that this one was shown, means it isn’t a snake for riches.

It is clear now that her money is purely clean and South Africans should come to terms with that. It is really backward and negative energy to think that when a black person gets rich they are using some sort of witchcraft. White people have been having pet snakes for years but no one accused them of being in the business of witchcraft. If anything, Mamkhize should be a prime example that South Africans can make it by being legit business owners.

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