Revealed The Truth About Mamkhize Snake And Her Riches

Revealed The Truth About Mamkhize Snake And Her Riches

Shauwn Mamkhize’s net worth is estimated to be around R300 million, reflecting her success as an entrepreneur and businesswoman

Revealed The Truth About Mamkhize Snake And Her Riches
Revealed The Truth About Mamkhize Snake And Her Riches

Mamkhize Made Her Millions By Doing Business.

She started a construction company Zikhulise Group, which is Black-owned and also has several businesses including Zikhulise Maintenance and Transport, Zikhulise Auto Recoveries, and Inyanga Trading. She also owned the South African football club, Royal Eagles F.C.

She is arguably one of the richest names in South Africa. In addition to her business prowess, she is also a socialite, philanthropist, and TV personality, known for her reality show Kwa Mam’Mkhize, The South African reported. MaMkhize has lived a decorative life thus far.

Shauwn Mkhize finally comes clean to clear up on snake allegations.

Truth About Mamkhize Snake And Her Riches

  • The popular businesswoman wonders why the snake is not helping her in tougher situations.
  • She said her team was beaten up by Richard’s Bay in the past months and was pushed from position 1 to position 4.
  • However, she said the loss didn’t break her down as everyone knew how much she wanted to be on top.
  • Mamkhize said she took the loss as an empowerment and they became the top of the list.
  • Adding, she said getting to where they are was not easy as their brief was clear from day one.

MaMkhize Hails From An Affluent Family Which Robbed Off On Her 

MaMkhize was born into a political family and was raised by her mother, Florence Mkhize an ANC veteran, anti-apartheid activist, and former counselor in eThekwini. Her father was also part of the ANC as an activist against the apartheid regime but he met his death in 1991 when he was allegedly shot by a policeman for reasons connected to politics. The next year, MaMkhize also lost one of her brothers in Isipingo during a police shoot-out.

Asides from politics, her family was also business inclined – MaMkhize’s mother started a construction company named Zikhulise Construction. This company would later become the kick-off point for the wealth and influence that Shawn would amass.  Florence Mkhize later died in 2008 from heart-related problems but her legacy lives on as the eThekwini Municipality raised a building and named it after the heroine, “Florence Mkhize Building”, in the Durban CBD.

MaMkhize’s R300 Million Net Worth Comes From Her Multifaceted Engagements

Shawn MaMkhize is rich and she is not shy showing it off. From her posts on Instagram to the revelation of her remarkable 5-star luxury apartment that she flaunts effortlessly on her reality TV show, her high-class cars attest to the fact that MaMkhize is extremely wealthy. All these put together, begs the question, ‘what is the source of her wealth?’ and they include:

  • Zikhulise Construction
  • Football Clubs
  • Reality TV show
  • Real estate properties

Zikhulise Construction

This construction company was handed down to MaMkhize by her mother and she continued to build it to become the empire that it is now. The company is responsible for many housing projects in Durban and has won many tenders from the government to build low-budget houses in the city.

It is also gathered that her former husband, a policeman, Sbu Mpisane had resigned and joined her in the company while they were still together in order to boost its image. Although the desired goal for Zikhulise Construction was achieved, the company would later come under scrutiny as they were allegedly accused of tax evasion and fraudulent activities – thankfully, they came out victorious. The cases happened in 2012 and 2016 respectively and she would eventually divorce her husband in 2019.

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