Video of Thembinkosi Lorch Dancing with Two Ladies Sparks Mixed Reactions

A video has been circulating online showing football star Thembinkosi Lorch dancing with two ladies.

The viral clip, which has garnered significant attention on social media, shows the Orlando Pirates player enjoying himself and displaying his dance moves.

Video of Thembinkosi Lorch Dancing with Two Ladies Sparks Mixed Reactions
Video of Thembinkosi Lorch Dancing with Two Ladies Sparks Mixed Reactions

DescriptionThembinkosi “Nyoso” Lorch is a South African professional soccer player who plays as an attacking midfielder for Mamelodi Sundowns and the South African national team. He was named the South African Player of the Season and Players’ Player of the Season in 2019.’

Born: July 22, 1993 (age 30 years), Bloemfontein, South Africa
Parents: Teboho Mokoena
Current team: Mamelodi Sundowns F.C. (#45 / Midfielder)
Date joined: 2016 (Orlando Pirates F.C.)
Height: 1.67 m (5 ft 6 in)



While many people are happy to see Lorch having a good time, the video has sparked mixed reactions among his fans and followers. Some are celebrating his joyful moment, appreciating the lighter side of the footballer.

However, others have expressed concern, accusing him of neglecting his baby mama, actress Natasha Thahane. The critics argue that Lorch should be more focused on his responsibilities as a father, instead of partying with other women.

One fan commented, “I’m happy to see Lorch enjoying himself, but he needs to remember his responsibilities at home.” Another user added, “While it’s great to see him having fun, I hope he isn’t neglecting Natasha and their baby.”

uSandz©️ said:

Natasha dodges a bullet.


Lorch is a legend 🤣🤣 he left Natasha with a baby and go smash slay queens😎🔥🔥

This is karma for what Natasha did to our boy cellular 😅🤷🏽‍♂️

Beside, as a sportsman, this is not good publicity.

This incident has further fueled the ongoing debate about the balance between personal enjoyment and parental responsibilities, especially for public figures. As the conversation continues, fans are keen to see how Thembinkosi Lorch and Natasha Thahane will address these concerns, if at all.

Mokwena Breaks Silence On Lorch Incident

Mamelodi Sundowns coach Rulani Mokwena has revealed he has expressed his disappointment to Thembikosi Lorch after the player called him in tears over the incident that trended on social media.

Lorch, 30, won his first ever league title, helping Sundowns to wrap their seventh successive league after joining the club in January.

Despite missing out on an ‘Invincibles’ campaign after their 1-0 defeat to Cape Town City, Sundowns celebrated their 2023/24 league title on Saturday.

The celebrations seemed to run over into the weekend, with Lorch going live on his social media account on Sunday night, celebrating with two female friends, seemingly under the influence, which sent domestic football fans into a frenzy.


Mokwena reacted to the incident on Monday evening on radio, but insisted he cannot go too much into detail because he still needs to fully address it with his player after having a brief telephonic chat on Monday morning.

“Like everybody else, Lorch is human, Like me, who makes mistakes, who is imperfect,” Mokwena told Andile Ncube on MetroFM.

“I’m probably even more imperfect than him and I make probably more mistakes than him.

“But I cannot go deep into this issue because I still have to discuss it with him face to face. He phoned me and he was in tears. And that broke me, for sure.

“Because I’m close to my players, when my players are crying and are emotional, I get emotional, and I cry and I feel their pain too. And that’s how close I am with them.

“But I don’t want to talk too much about the issue except to say that I am extremely disappointed because I have said that to him on the phone.

“And the rest of what we will discuss and say will be in person. Particularly because my biggest disappointment is the going live [on Instagram]. I’ve seen Phil Foden and I’ve seen I’ve seen some of the best players enjoy themselves and celebrate the title successes…

“But we also have to understand the role we hold in society, that says ours is to inspire and educate and serve. We’ve got a bigger role than just what people think.

“And part to a professional footballer’s career is not just looking after your talent, but it’s looking after your career. And looking after your career means managing even all the other stuff that is around the career.”

Mokwena then reiterated that he will have a private talk with his player about his behaviour, admitting that even Lorch’s father called him.

“I have to speak to him in person first, and he has to hear my feelings about the incident and how I view the incident in its entirety,” he added.

“And that involves what I know from the past, what I know from my time having spent with him in the previous club at Pirates. And that is a discussion, unfortunately is not for public consumption.

“As I said, it’s individual it’s a one-on-one and it’s one that has to take place with respect, but also with also a clear understanding of what is allowed and tolerated at Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club and what is not.”

Sundowns’ players had two off days after their title celebration but will return to Chloorkop on Tuesday to prepare for Saturday’s Nedbank Cup final against Lorch and Mokwena’s former club, Pirates.


Social Media Users Drag Natasha Thahane Into Thembinkosi Lorch’S Messy Live Stream

Natasha Thahane’s name is being strewn across social media after her soccer star baby daddy Thembinkosi Lorch’s recent live stream.

In the video that is currently trending on X, Lorch can be seen partying at a pub with two unknown women.

He takes turns holding each woman while dancing in front of the camera.

Watch video below:

Lorch is a legend 🤣🤣 he left Natasha with a baby and go smash slay queens😎🔥🔥

This is karma for what Natasha did to our boy cellular 😅🤷🏽‍♂️


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