Shebeshxt’S Legal Update: Truck Driver Blamed For The Accident, The Reason Has Been Clarified Using Cctv Video

Shebeshxt’s Legal Update: Truck Driver Blamed For The Accident, The Reason Has Been Clarified Using CCTV Video

The Ambulance rapper Shebeshxt’s lawyer, Lot Ramusi, has revealed that a case has been opened against the truck driver who’s responsible for the accident

Police pursued the truck driver involved in Shebeshxt's accident. Image: @official.shebeshxt, @limpopochronicles Source: UGC
Police pursued the truck driver involved in Shebeshxt’s accident. Image: @official.shebeshxt, @limpopochronicles Source: UGC© Provided by Briefly

This came after reports shared that the rapper faces possible culpable homicide charges while recovering in hospital
Many netizens weighed in on the matter that the lawyer said the truck driver is the one responsible for the accident


Shebeshxt’s lawyer, Lot Ramusi, has shed more light on the rapper’s health and an update regarding the accident.

Police pursue truck driver responsible for Shebeshxt’s accident
The Ambulance rapper Shebeshxt has been making headlines ever since the news of his fatal car accident that resulted in his daughter Onthatile Chuene losing her life.

Recently, the star’s lawyer, Lot Ramusi, disclosed that police are pursuing the truck driver responsible for Shebe’s horrific accident, which happened on the R37 road near Smelters Mine outside Polokwane, not far from Chuene.

Ramusi also revealed that the case has been opened against the truck driver, and the news and gossip page MDNews also posted about what the lawyer said on their Twitter (X) page and wrote:

“Shebeshxt ‘hasn’t lost his leg. Shebeshxt’s lawyer Lot Letimula Ramusi has confirmed that Shebeshxt hasn’t lost his leg and that the accident was not his fault and that a case has been opened against the truck company…”

See the post below:

Netizens React To Lot Ramusi’S Revelation

Many netizens responded to Shebeshxt’s lawyer, Lot Ramusi’s revelation. See some of the comments below:

@NtateWilliams said:

“His enemies won’t like that.”

@Blaq_Mannequin wrote:

“That’s a relief.”

@The_A_Wagon responded:

“The guy is going through the most.”

@Mapiwan63229832 said:

“He lost big time though… losing a child was the saddest thing to happen and no one deserves it.”

@PS_Maja commented:

“We hope this is true, because the truth always unveils.”

@v_yung responded:

“Every lawyer would say that, just wait for the court indictment.”

Skhothane Sa Pitori Apologises After Announcing Shebeshxt’S Death

Skhothane sa Pitori has taken to social media to apologise to fans after being dragged for announcing Shebeshxt’s death following his accident. He said there was a misunderstanding.

Social media users came out guns blazing at Skhothane sa Pitori after a video of him announcing Shebeshxt’s death went viral on social media. The footage shows Skhothane on stage, telling fans that the Ambulance hitmaker had died.


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