Top 10 South African Mzansi Celebs Who Are Currently In Prison or On Parole

Top 10 South African Mzansi Celebs Who Are Currently In Prison or On Parole, Number 2 is Thulani Cele – sentenced to 18 months in Prison

Thulani Cele Sentenced To 18 Months In Prison

The aunt of the former AmaZulu attacker Thulani Cele confirmed that the player was sentenced to 18 months in prison for stealing a phone. The 22-year-old star graduated from the Nedbank Cup Ke Yona Team and was snapped up by Usuthu.

Prisoner appears in court in connection with Umlazi cop's
Top 10 South African Mzansi Celebs Who Are Currently In Prison or On Parole

According to his lawyer, Thulani took a phone to make a call not to steal it, there was no forced entry or robbery. After using the phone Thulani returned the phone to the owner and the owner confirmed this. Thulani was detained on 2 June 2022 and was sentenced on 4 December 2022, this means he is still serving his jail sentence.

Thulani Ngcobo -Pitch Black Afro-Sentenced To 10 Years,5 Months In Prison

Thulani Ngcobo was serving 10 years of which five was suspended for a period of five years with effect from June 19 2020. Pitch Black Afro is a free man after spending three years in jail for the murder of his wife.

Pitch Black Afro murder case: Pathologist to testify in bail hearing on Monday |
Top 10 South African Mzansi Celebs Who Are Currently In Prison or On Parole

The rapper Pitch Black Afro whose real name is Thulani Ngcobo was arrested after killing his wife Catherine Modisane. According to reports, Thulani Initially, the musician was charged with murder, which was later changed to culpable homicide in the Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg.

In June 2020, he was sentenced to 10 years and 5 months in prison with half of the sentence suspended. He is one of those celebs who are currently in prison and might be released in 2025.

 Dj Donald Sebolai – Sentenced To 20 Years

Johannesburg – Convicted murderer, former Jozi FM DJ Donald Sebolai was on Friday sentenced to 20 years behind bars for the murder of his girlfriend Dolly Tshabalala.

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Sebolai sentenced to 20 years
Top 10 South African Mzansi Celebs Who Are Currently In Prison or On Parole-Donald Sebolai sentenced to 20 years

Radio DJ, Donald Sebolai was arrested and charged with murder for killing his girlfriend, Dolly Tshabalala. She was found dead on Sebolai’s bed in June 2014 which made Sebolai the first suspect. Throughout his trial, he maintained he did not kill Tshabalala and that she stabbed herself as the pair of them struggled over a knife she had used to stab him in the fingers.

After court trials, Donald Sebolai was found guilt of murdering his girlfriend and was sentenced to 20 years in prison on 4 March 2016. He still serving his sentence and we have not heard from him since, either he applied for parole or not.

 Muso Brickz – Sentenced To 15 Years

Kwaito star Sipho Ndlovu, popularly known as Brickz, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after being found guilty of raping a 17-year-old relative in 2013.

Brickz: Disgraced Musician Trends After Video Shows Him Singing in Jail -
Top 10 South African Mzansi Celebs Who Are Currently In Prison or On Parole

In 2017, the Kwaito musician Sipho Charles Ndlovu best known as Muso Brickz was found guilt of forcing himself on a minor who happened to be his relative at his home in HoneyDew Johannesburg. This event happened in 2013 and case was opened against him.

In 2014 he wanted the case to be closed because he pleaded not guilt and his lawyers claiming the case was weak. In July of 2017 he was sentenced to 15 years after he was found guilty of forcing himself on a 17-year-old relative by the magistrate court of Roodepoort. He will possibly apply for parole but he still serving his sentence.

Bundu – Sentenced to 10 years

Limpopo comedian Ntambudzeni Rasendedza (40) of Lwamondo village was sentenced to 10 years direct imprisonment by the Sibasa Regional Court . The accused is a well-known comedian of Tshovhilingana, and the community knows him as “Mr Bundu”.

Look who is laughing now, Mr
Top 10 South African Mzansi Celebs Who Are Currently In Prison or On Parole-Bundu

Bundu whose real name is Ntambudzeni Rasendedza was sentenced to 10 years in prison after he was found guilty of assaulting his girlfriend, intend to cause bodily harm, kidnapping and attempted murder. The Limpopo based accused celebrity was best known as an actor, comedian and Tshivenda film producer. He was sentenced in September 2022 and he is currently serving his sentence.

The following famous people served their sentence and were released on Parole.

Nathi-Nkosinathi Mankayi, – Sentenced To 8 Years

Mankayi is a highly decorated singer and songwriter who broke into the industry in 2015, releasing his debut album Nomvula that sold multi-platinum status.

Mzansi Celebs Who Are Currently In Prison- Nkosathi mankayi
Mzansi Celebs Who Are Currently In Prison-Nkosathi mankayi

Before the fame, he was arrested in the Eastern Cape following a robbery and served time before he was released for good behaviour.

Nkosinathi Mankayi, professionally known as Nathi, a South African singer-songwriter and artist was once sentenced to 8 years in prison for a 2002 robbery-related crime. Nathi was arrested in 2004 but the sentence occurred in 2006 after he was found guilty of armed robbery. “During the time I spent in prison, I had time to think about what I did. I formed a choir while in prison and that made the time I spent there shorter.” Nathi said. He was released on parole after four years according to reports.

Jub Jub -Molemo Maarohanye– Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison

Molemo Katleho Maarohanye is a South African Media Personality who is a successful hip hop artist and TV Host of popular shows such as Uyajola 9/9, You Promised to Marry Me and Uthando Noxolo which air on Mojalove DSTV Channel 157.

Molemo Maarohanye - IMDb-Mzansi Celebs Who Are Currently In Prison
Mzansi Celebs Who Are Currently In Prison

Everyone knows Jub Jub and the crimes he committed but most people don’t know that Jub Jub was released on Parole. On 8 March 2010 he and his friend Themba Tshabalala caused a serious accident near a school and four children were killed and another two survived with brain damage.

On 5 December 2012, both were sentenced to 25 years in jail each for murder, attempted murder and three related offences. Their sentences were reduced from 25 years to 10 years, starting from 2012. On 5 January 2017 both were released on parole after serving 4 years.

Jacob Jacob Zuma – Sentenced To 15 Months

In 2021, former South African president received a 15 months sentence for ignoring instructions to participate in a corruption inquiry. On July 7, he handed himself to the police and was incarcerated until September 2021. The very same month he handed himself, a public violence and looting occurred through out the country of South Africa demanding his released. He was released in September of the very same year on medical Parole. [3]

Sindisiwe Manqele – Sentenced To 12 Years

Sindisiwe is not a celeb but she is linked to this list for killing her boyfriend Flabba, who was a musician and rapper. In 2016 she was sentenced to 12 years in prison. She was released on parole in May 2022.

The department of correctional service said Manqele is still expected to comply with specific set of conditions and would be subjected to supervision until her sentence expired on 23 May 2028.

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