Zahara’s Sister Accused Of Stealing A Built-In Stove

Zahara’s Sister Accused Of Stealing A Built-In Stove

Zahara's Sister Accused Of Stealing A Built-In Stove
Zahara’s Sister Accused Of Stealing A Built-In Stove

Following their eviction from their late sister Bulelwa ‘Zahara’ Mtukutana’s house this past weekend, it has been revealed that her sisters allegedly stole a built-in stove. Sources that spoke to ZiMoja, allege that one of the sisters Bandezwa, is the ringleader who instructed the stove removal.

A source close to the situation revealed to ZiMoja, that the sisters including Lumka, who had to be evicted from the house after refusing to move out, wanted to spite the owners by leaving the property in disarray, intending to frustrate the new occupants.

“They even attempted to break the cupboards but were stopped by someone close to them,” the source said. Last week, the sisters were selling Zahara’s belongings, including furniture and memorabilia. The same Bandezwa was allegedly contacting Zahara’s acquaintances, soliciting money for her children’s school fees. The new owners are also contemplating opening a case against the two sisters.

Another source close to the situation mentioned that the sisters left Zahara’s home in an undignified manner, leaving the house in a mess with dirty towels and underwear in the bathroom. According to the source, the sister who has since left for the Eastern Cape, left most of the unsold furniture with a relative who lives in Roodepoort. “We asked them why they are not taking some of her things to their mother and instead, they said they wanted money,” said the source.


The source alleged that the two sisters have always been bad when it comes to money, even their late sister knew. “Bulelwa used to tell us that she does not trust her sister when it comes to money because everything, they do it is driven by greed and now we believe her,” added the source.

When ZiMoja called for comment, Bandezwa said: “How do you know that stove was stolen? What if we had an arrangement with the new owners, please leave us alone,” she said before hanging up.


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