Skomota Thabang Sefala Biography ,Profile ,Age ,Personal Life and Networth

Skomota Thabang Sefala Biography, Profile, Age, Personal Life and Networth

Skomota, whose real name is Thabang Sefala, is referred to as the luckiest man alive in South Africa. He won over 3 million Rand on Betway. Winning on Betway requires critical analysis, planning, and great forecast, millions of people have been trying their luck to win on Betway, but they are always unlucky.

Skomota broke the jinx and won himself 3 million Rand on Betway Jackpot. This amazing opportunity changed his life for the better.

Skomota Age And Personal Life

  • Skomota age 34 years old was born in Limpopo, South Africa. According to the locals, Skomota, the real name Thabang Sefala was popularly known in Limpopo for betting lifestyle.
  • When Skomota discovered he won on Betway, he kept the victory a secret and hid his identity from theft and witchcraft. He however made a big celebration ceremony with his family to thank his ancestors for blessing him with the money.

According to several sources, Skomota had passion for betting and gambling since he was a teenager. His family members will always scold him for using his last money to gamble, but He always pays deaf ears to them.

When asked how he won 3 million on Betway, Skomota said “His ancestors are with him and they are tired of seeing him lose, so they decided to bless him with this win.” He also said he has tried different approach to win through YouTube Videos, Predictions and data analysis but nothing worked out. So this time around he followed the direction of his Ancestors and they decided to bless him.

Skomota’s Education

  • Skomota had little education while growing up due to his poor background, but that didn’t stop him from functioning properly in the society.

Skomota’s Fame

  • While Skomota made wealth with his Betway winnings, he never got the fame. Weeks following the withdrawal of R3 million Betway cash prize, he started living the life he also dreamt of, dressing in expensive clothes and hanging out with celebrities such as Team Delela and Moruti Gucci.
  • When in clubs, Skomota was willing to spend any amount just to be with the most prettiest girl. And eventually, people began to pay attention to his lifestyle and videos and photos of him with these damsels penetrated the media spaces, and that was the beginning of his journey to stardom.
  • Skomota’s sudden fame has earned him the attention of every party goers and slots at some of South Africa’s biggest events and festivals, including SAMA.

Career As An Entertainer

  • Following his widespread popularity, Skomota began brushing his performing skills, and that led him to develop some unconventional dance moves that has got everyone participating.
  • He also learnt deejaying, but his timing and selection skills was far below the acceptable requirements needed to be a successful deejay.
  • In a interview he granted in November 2023, Skomota revealed that he would love to work with DJ Fresh.


  • Skomota isn’t married and neither is he in any serious relationship. Although, he regularly hangs around damsels, he relationship status is single.
  • With his growing popularity, pressure is being mounted on him to choose a bribe, so we should be expecting some good news soon.

Talks Of Disability

Due to numerous of Skomota’s numerous incoherent speeches and some unexpected attitudes and actions, many public commentators are trying to link Skomota behaviour to some disabilities, but no medical diagnosis have been carried out on him and so, no logical conclusion can be reached just yet.

How Skomota Makes Most Of His Income

  • Since attaining fame, Skomota’s major source of income comes through bookings. According to his management, he currently charges between R50-R90k per gig and most of the time, he runs with up to 20 gigs per week, making him one of South Africa’s most sought-after media personality.
  • A rough estimates from his gig guides shows he earns nothing less than R500k/month, excluding tax and other expenditures.

Skomota’s Booking Fee

  • As at 2024, Skomota now charges R90k per gig. This new amount was communicated by his manager and the price maybe higher depending on the location.

Skomota’s Networth

  • Skomota currently has a huge fan base across several social media platforms including Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.
  • He’s currently on several ambassadorial deals with several brands in South Africa and charges heavily from bookings. His Networth is estimated to be over R500k – 4M.

As someone with a deep appreciation for the opposite gender, his outings are never complete without a charming lady by his side, often provided by his friends. Besides his humorous behavior, Skomota also has a passion for deejaying and has taken to the decks on several occasions to entertain partygoers.

He is a big fan of Shebeshxt, Moruti wa Dikota, and Vusi Ma R5, and he aspires to enter the music scene.

Skomota Real Name Thabang Sefala-Skomota Aka Ngwana Sesi Biography

Skomota Aka Ngwana Sesi Biography Profile Age Personal Life Networth
Skomota Aka Ngwana Sesi Biography Profile Age Personal Life Networth
Skomota Aka Ngwana Sesi Biography Profile Age Personal Life Networth
Skomota Aka Ngwana Sesi Biography Profile Age Personal Life Networth

Skomota Thabang Sefala Biography ,Profile ,Age ,Personal Life and Networ

Skomota Thabang Sefala Biography ,Profile ,Age ,Personal Life and Networ

How much is Skomota net worth?

  • $500,000
    Skomota’s net-worth is $500,000. Instagram.
How much is Skomota net worth?
How much is Skomota net worth?

What Is Skomota’s Real Name?

What Is Skomota Real Name? Skomota real name is Thabang Sefala. Imagine a man whose infectious laughter and gravity-defying dance moves can spark joy across an entire nation. Now picture that same man using his platform to champion his cultural roots, nurture local talent, and inspire millions with his unwavering spirit.Skomota Thabang Sefala Biography ,Profile ,Age ,Personal Life and Networth

That, my friends, is Skomota, the South African phenomenon who’s more than just a viral sensation; he’s a cultural beacon with a heart of gold.

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But who is Skomota beyond the side-splitting skits and flamboyant dance moves? Beneath the stage name lies Thabang Thabang Sefala, a humble man from Limpopo Province who rose to online fame through sheer passion and authenticity.

Skomota Rise To Fame

  • His journey began not on a stage, but in the townships, where his raw talent and genuine humor resonated with his community.
  • Armed with a phone and an irresistible twinkle in his eye, Skomota started capturing short, hilarious videos that quickly transcended geographical boundaries, igniting laughter across the entire nation.
Skomota Thabang Sefala Biography ,Profile ,Age ,Personal Life and Networth
Skomota Thabang Sefala Biography ,Profile ,Age ,Personal Life and Networth

What Is Skomota Real Name?

Skomota Thabang Sefala Biography ,Profile ,Age ,Personal Life and Networth
Skomota real name is Thabang Sefala. Ngwana Sesi is his nickname. Skomota is an entertainer, dancer and online personality from Limpopo, South Africa. He gained widespread popularity for his viral dance videos and humorous social media content.

Skomota Thabang Sefala Biography ,Profile ,Age ,Personal Life and Networth

Though many fans know him by his stage name, “Skomota Ngwana Sesi,” his real name, Thabang Sefala, gives a glimpse into the person behind the online persona.

Skomota Thabang Sefala Biography ,Profile ,Age ,Personal Life and Networth

Skomota Real Name Is Thabang Sefala


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How Old Is Skomota?

  • Skomota is 21 years old as of 2023.

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Watch The Below Skomota’s Interview  Video

Skomota is a dancer, a social commentator, and above all, a storyteller. He weaves tales of everyday life, tackling relatable

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This is just a glimpse into the captivating world of Skomota. To truly understand this remarkable man, we need to delve deeper, explore his journey, and discover the values that make him a beacon of hope and laughter for millions.


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