Shebeshxt Attends Daughter’S Funeral In A Wheelchair With An Oxygen Tank

Shebeshxt Attends her Daughter’s Funeral In A Wheelchair With An Oxygen Tank

Controversial Limpopo rapper Shebeshxt was wheeled to his daughter’s funeral on Saturday, 22 June. The heavily guarded venue saw the artist, flanked by health workers and guards, enter the tent at Lebowakgomo Zone A with a tearful expression, according to Daily Sun.

Seated in his wheelchair, the grieving rapper had his oxygen tank connected and a drip wire across his nose, with the drip resting on his lap. His arrival during the funeral altered the atmosphere, evoking compassion from the mourners who were moved by his appearance.

His distressing state was evident, with his foot visibly bandaged. As the funeral proceeded, the artist’s condition was monitored, and he was granted a private moment to bid farewell to his daughter, Onthatile Chuene.

A white cloth shielded the onlookers from witnessing his reaction as Shebeshxt gazed upon his daughter’s body. Throughout, he was closely watched by security. Providing words of solace, EFF’s Provincial Chairman, Lawrance Mapoulo, remarked that Shebeshxt had surrounded himself with a negative influence.

“From here henceforth, you must never go alone, never drive a car while you alone. When you leave here, you must surround yourself with real men and women. You know who they are. They are there next to you. You must make sure that you save us from the traumatic experience we found ourselves in,” he added.

Mapoulo highlighted that in order to spare individuals from a harrowing ordeal, Shebeshxt must alter his way of life.Mapoulo wished the artist a prompt recovery and mentioned an admirable trait of Shebeshxt: his proficiency in prayer.

“We are shocked and never intended to see something like this. To the parents of Onthatile, bad things have happened in the past, but we understand there was a man who once lost everything he had, including his children, but he had something strong, faith to believe that in all that happens, God knows,” he said.

Various speakers characterized Onthatile as an exceedingly humble child, brimming with joy, constantly cheerful, and perpetually giggling. They noted her talent for singing and mentioned that she would often sing in harmony with her father in video recordings. Representing Northern Academy, Margaret Lekganyan revealed insights into Shebeshxt’s demeanor that had previously gone unnoticed by many. Margaret added that Onthatile was a celebrity in the school.

“When we were helping him enrol his daughter, he said he wants the best for his child. The father figure in him is the character we never knew he had.She acted normal like any other child. She was well disciplined, full of life and joy,”she said.

The family expressed being traumatized by the painful incident and will need time to heal and cope with Onthatile’s death. Onthatile died when the VW Polo she was in overturned following a collision with a heavy vehicle. The crash injured Shebeshxt and his child’s mother, with him spending days in the ICU as well.


WATCH: Shebeshxt attends daughter’s funeral in wheelchair!


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